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Only at WSU Tri-Cities will you find the academic quality, active alumni base, and state of the art facilities of a big name like WSU coupled with the small campus experience and personalized hands-on education.

From your first day of classes to when your name is called at graduation, you’ll be part of a campus community that cares about you – your academic success, your personal achievements, your daily challenges, and your goals for the future.

Freshman Application

You’re considered a freshman for admission purposes if you’re applying to WSU for the academic year immediately after graduating from high school. This includes Running Start students.

You’re also considered a freshman if you haven’t attended college since high school graduation. Your age also affects how you apply, so if you’re 25 or older, check out the adult application process.

If you’re in the top 10 percent of your class or have a 3.5+ unweighted GPA, check out WSU’s assured admission program. We have a spot waiting for you.

Transfer Credits

If you earned college credit while in high school, use the transfer equivalency database to see how your courses match up with WSU equivalencies and find out which courses you should be taking to meet your WSU graduation requirements.

If your transfer courses were taken on a quarter system, you’ll need to convert them to semester credits to see how your credit hours match WSU requirements. Simply multiply your quarter credit hours by .67 to determine how many semester credits you’ll receive. Using this equation, 5 quarter credits would convert to 3.35 semester credits.

Washington community colleges offer their courses on the quarter system and WSU Tri-Cities is on the semester system. Transferring your credit from quarter to semester is easy! Simply multiply your credit hours by .66 to determine how many semester credits you’ll receive.

Connect Your Coursework to A Career…

Students in a WSU Tri-Cities technical writing course

A technical writing course at WSU Tri-Cities partnered with Richland businesses and organizations to produce documents ranging from manuals, to booklets, to instruction guides. This opportunity allowed students to hone the skills they cultivated throughout the course to fulfill a real-world business need. Vanessa Cozza, clinical assistant professor of English and instructor of the course, said the goals with the project were to provide students with a real-world opportunity that would add value back into their own community, while offering them a tangible example they could use in the future for their professional careers. Read more…