Petition for Exceptions in SEAS

Petition for Exceptions in SEAS

Greetings Engineering & Computer Science Students!

The courses in your study plans and the registration prerequisites for each course ensure that you’ll have the preparation for success.

Occasionally, you might seek to substitute a course or waive the prerequisite requirements of a course. In this case, you should first discuss your situation with you advisor. If your advisor recommends a petition, you may file one through the following process:

  1. Obtain support from the course instructor (for prerequisite waivers)
  2. Gather needed documentation, such as syllabi
  3. Fill out this online form, upload needed documentation, and submit the form

The form will be reviewed and a decision will be made rapidly, normally within two weeks from the date of submission. Please note that an instructor’s support would not automatically result in the approval of a petition.

Thank you and best wishes!

Please, fill out and submit the following form to file a petition for exception
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Your year in college
Your WSU major

Please check the appropriate boxes and list the specific course information:
Semester of the course in this petition
Year of the course
Course prefix and Number
Section Number
Number of Credits

Through the following drop-down menu, please, indicate what you are requesting
  • For "Waiver of prerequisite", upload the course instructor's support
  • For "Course substitution", "Other exception", upload relevant additional details
  • Upload this needed information as a Word or PDF file

Please, note the following stipulations.

  • Exceptions to academic policy are granted only in rare and extraordinary circumstances
  • These would be situations that are beyond a student's control
  • Exceptions may not be made for poor judgment, poor performance, or forgetfulness
  • Students should heed their advisors' recommendations and adhere to all academic policies
  • All necessary documentation should be submitted to increase the probability of approval
  • The approval decisions are made by the advisor, full-time faculty, academic or school director.

Statement of Justification

Please provide a clear Statement of Justification that explains why your case warrants an exception to University policy. In your statement describe your request, the rationale for this request, and any extenuating circumstances. Include any other information or documentation that may be relevant. Please, review this Sample Statement of Justification to write a persuasive statement.

You may enter your statement of justification in the box below, or...

...upload your statement as a Word or PDF file.

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By entering my name, I am electronically signing this petition and affirming that the statements and documentation I have provided are correct, complete, and accurate

Thank you for submitting this petition. You will soon be notified of the outcome.