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Our Mission is to Promote Your Academic Success


Welcome to the SEAS Advising Gateway. We are enthusiastic about providing you, our students, with superior academic advising, whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, transfer student, or graduating senior.  To this end, this web page provides you with a one-stop shop for several advising services and resources for Engineering and Computer Science, which complement the campus advising resources.

SEAS has also deployed an Artificial-Intelligence system to provide each of you with an electronic personal advising assistant. Learn more under the “STUDY ABROAD, STUDY PLANS, COURSE DESCRIPTIONS, PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS” tab below.

Each of you will be guided by not only a professional adviser, but also a faculty mentor, who will be assigned to you by your advisor. They are all enthusiastic and committed to your success and you will enjoy working with them!

Services for Success

These services will provide you with practical and paperless processes to complete many advising actions efficiently, minimizing time investment and maximizing timeliness of decisions and outcomes. We advise for your success!

Register for Advising, File a Petition

Would you like to communicate with your advisor?
Then register for an advising appointment.

You may also request E-Advising.

Would you need to file a petition for exception? You may do so through this online request. Please, review this Sample Statement of Justification to write a persuasive statement.

Study Abroad, Study Plans, Course Descriptions, Program Requirements

Comprehensive information about study-abroad opportunities may be found here.

An Intelligent Study Plan (ISP) is available to each of you to serve as your electronic personal advising assistant to manage the requirements of your SEAS major. The ISP empowers you with accurate, concise, and direct advising information to enrich, enhance, and elevate your advising experience.

Through an Artificial-Intelligence (AI) engine and on the basis of the course planning and completion details you enter, your ISP instantly provides you on-demand with:

  • Information on academic program progression
  • Success predictions
  • Recommendations of courses whose prerequisites have been satisfied and which can be taken next
  • Audits of program and elective requirements, to ensure all requirements are met
  • Complete advising reports for you and your advisor

The main ISP features are described in this presentation.

To plan the selection of your classes, please download your ISP by clicking on the name of your major in the following list. You may also view corresponding course descriptions and program requirements.


Certification in your respective major is an achievement for you, our students. Certification signifies that students have formally met all requirements to complete their respective professional academic program and take upper-division classes.

You are encouraged to apply as early as possible for certification. Here are our typical deadlines:

  • May review: April 30th
  • August review: July 15th
  • December review: November 30th

Students in Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering apply for certification online, at the links listed below by program.

Thank you and best wishes!

Continuous-Improvement Surveys

We are committed to the best programs for you, our students! To this end, it’s a pleasure to incorporate your feedback as we continuously improve our programs. You are engaged in this continuous improvement by participating in the surveys listed below. When invited, please complete one or more of these surveys, as requested by the faculty and advisor. Your invaluable participation will help in safeguarding the quality of your  programs.

Thank you!

Resources for Success

These resources will provide you with valuable information and web pages to promote your success at WSU Tri-Cities. Your advisor, will always be available to answer any questions about your experience on this beautiful and supportive campus. Your satisfaction is our reward!

Undergraduate Program Advising

The first advising contact in the School of Engineering & Applied Sciences is the School Director, who will enthusiastically assist you in:

  • fostering your academic success through proactive advisement
  • clarifying the prerequisite requirements
  • understanding the University Common Requirements (UCORE)
  • determining which courses you need to take next based on course offerings and pre-requisites
  • applying for certification in the major
  • applying for graduation

In SEAS, the advising process involves two phases:

  1. a meeting with a faculty mentor, arranged through the adviser (every fall)
  2. a completing advising consultation with your adviser (every semester ahead of class registration)
Graduate Program Advising

As a graduate student, you will work with your faculty advisor for about course recommendations and planning your thesis or non-thesis work. You will also work with Jamie Rogers (Admissions) and Brittany Goe (Programs of Study and other services) on the administration of your program, including:

  • creating or updating your Program of Study
  • applying for Graduation
  • applying for Graduate Leave
  • adding or dropping courses

They will gladly work closely on your behalf with the

  • Graduate School
  • Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture

for all your graduate program needs.

Here are some Graduate School resources

General Education: UCORE

A general education program enriches every major by promoting connections across distinct domains of knowledge. At WSU, the current general education program is the University Common Requirements (UCORE). Click on the following links for more information.

Engineering and Computer Science students automatically satisfy many of the UCORE requirements through several courses in their study plans. Ask your advisor for further information.

These are the 11 UCORE course codes: [ROOT], [QUAN], [WRTG], [COMM], [SSCI], [HUM], [ARTS], [BSCI], [PSCI], [DIVR], [CAPS].

To search UCORE Courses by code in the WSU catalog:

To search UCORE Courses by code in the WSU teaching schedules:

  • Go to the UCORE section of the teaching schedules
  • Select Term and Campus in the related pull-down menu
  • Enter a UCORE code in the corresponding pull-down menu
  • Click on “Search” at the bottom of the page
  • A list of corresponding courses is shown
Minors in SEAS and Elsewhere

A minor expands your perspectives and increases your skills. It will also make you stand out to potential employers because it demonstrates an eagerness to learn and willingness to exceed minimum expectations. Students in Computer Science and Engineering frequently pursue a minor in a related Computer Science or Engineering field because some of the credits in their major also satisfy the requirements of that minor. In this connection, many SEAS students also pursue a Mathematics minor, because it would only take one or two more classes to satisfy the requirements of this minor. Students are also interested in a Business minor. Please, check with your academic advisor on the details to integrate the requirements of your major and minor. Information about frequently selected minors is presented below.

Other Minors

MyWSU, Catalog

MyWSU is the online portal to WSU’s services, where, for instance, you register for classes and view your grades.

The Catalog is the official publication about all academic programs.

Placement, Transfer

All students interested in SEAS will need to complete the Math and Writing placements. Did you know that WSU’s writing program is nationally acclaimed? All of our students have also access to our writing center and complete WSU’s junior writing portfolio.

We enthusiastically support all of our valued transfer student, also through a careful review and evaluation of transfer credits.

Strategies, Classes

WSU offers a wealth of academic success strategies and resources.

Looking for class schedules and search tools? Here they are.

Student Accounts, Support

At WSU, information about tuition and fees is available under Students Accounts.

All students have access to substantial Campus Resources as well as Workshops & Seminars.

Academic Regulations

Academic regulations, calendar, and standards of conduct are available at the following links.


Before too long, you’ll graduate and we look forward to congratulating you on such a momentous achievement. Here is some information about preparing to apply for graduation.