Safety First

Safety First

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Studying, working, and conducting research is all the more enjoyable with Safety First!

“Safety First” expresses our commitment to ensure, document, and certify safety in all of our operations, in the classrooms, laboratories, offices, and all the spaces we use.

This commitment is enthusiastically shared by faculty, staff, and students, who adopt safety practices and procedures. Information about these practices and procedures  is available in our “Safety Resources.”

Our safety processes are fostered and periodically reviewed by the “SEAS Safety Committee” members, while the SEAS investigators have the safety aspects of their projects reviewed in our “Project Safety Assessment” portal.

Students working on these projects may request laboratory access through our “Laboratory Access” web page.

Anyone at WSU Tri-Cities is encouraged to contribute ideas and recommendations  in support of safety through the “Safety First Interaction Zone” presented below.

At Washington State University, the safety of our students, faculty and staff is paramount.

The Safety Resources provide a wealth of safety policies, presentations, and videos that explain several safety requirements at WSU, in the workplace, this campus, and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Please, review these invaluable resources  to familiarize yourself with our safety regulations and expectations.

In the Project Safety Assessment zone, SEAS investigators, who also supervise students’ projects, request a project safety assessment before initiating their projects.

On the basis of the information provided, the SEAS Safety Committee rapidly assesses the safety aspects of the projects and swiftly provides any needed and appropriate safety advice and assistance.

Through this assessment process, safety is fostered in our spaces for all.

In the Laboratory Access area, students apply for laboratory access, after their professors and/or supervisors have filed with the SEAS Safety Assessment Committee a project safety assessment request that lists these students as additional persons who work on the project.

Thereafter, students view recommended safety presentations and videos, fill out a key request form (only if they need a lab key or access code), and then apply online for their laboratory access. They will then participate in any required laboratory safety training.

Through this convenient structured lab access application process, lab access is managed effectively and safety is fostered continuously.

SEAS Safety Committee

The SEAS Safety Committee members review and make recommendations on all aspects of safety in our school. They also assess the safety aspects of all projects, by reviewing the assessment requests submitted through the “Project Safety Assessment” portal.

scott hudson

Scott Hudson
Committee Chair
Professor, Electrical Engineering

Amir Ameli
Committee Member
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Yonas Demissie

Yonas Demissie
Committee Member
Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering

Steve Jordan

Steve Jordan
Committee Member
Engineering & Computer Science Lab. Manager

John Miller

John Miller
Committee Member
Associate Professor, Computer Science

Safety First Interaction Zone

Safety is our shared commitment. We enthusiastically welcome WSU Tri-Cities’ community members’ comments, recommendations, and ideas in support of safety. Please, share them through this interaction zone. Thank you!

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