Project Safety Assessment

Project Safety Assessment

Engineering Student

SEAS investigators, please, request a project safety assessment through the form provided below, after developing a Standard Operating Procedure and before initiating your project.

On the basis of the information provided, the safety aspects of the project will be readily assessed and appropriate safety advice and assistance swiftly provided, if needed.

Studying, working, and conducting research is all the more enjoyable with Safety First!

Principal Investigator's full name
PI's e-mail address

The project is:

Project title, purpose, brief description

Please provide the title of a related grant proposal or funded activity, if any

If this is a course project, please indicate the course (e.g. ME 316)

Names and affiliations of all other persons working on the project

Proposed campus site (building and location) for the project

room or location

Anticipated duration of the project

Estimated cost of the project
Funding source

Expected physical conditions (e.g. humidity, temperature, pressure levels/requirements)

Materials and Chemicals needed in the project

Equipment needed

Power and resource requirements

Potential Hazards

Personal Protective Equipment Needed

A "Standard Operating Procedure" (SOP) has been developed for this project and has been or will be filed with the SEAS Safety Committee before the project is initiated

All the information on this safety assessment filing has been communicated in writing to every other person working on this project and listed above

I have reviewed all the information in this filing for accuracy before submitting it

Thank you for providing these project details. The SEAS Safety Committee will review this information and make recommendations to the SEAS director. Best wishes!