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The WSU Professional Certification Program (ProCert) allows certified teachers currently employed in a Washington state public school or approved private school to fulfill requirements for completing an approved professional certification program — or to improve their teaching techniques and explore personal growth opportunities.

What is the professional certificate, and who needs to earn it?
The professional certificate is the second-tier certificate for teaching in Washington State. If you hold a residency certificate, you must earn your Professional Certificate before your residency certificate expires.

When can I start my ProTeach Portfolio?
You may begin your ProTeach Portfolio when you have accumulated at least 1.5 FTE (Full-Time Equivalent). This time/requirement is often accumulated by the beginning of your third year of teaching. All information about the ProTeach Portfolio and Professional Certification is available online at You can review the standards, criteria, and assessment instructions at any time.

How do I earn the professional certificate?
You must meet or exceed the ProTeach Portfolio passing score as set by the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB).The ProTeach Portfolio is an evidence-based assessment. The portfolio is designed to help you develop and implement best practices to promote a student-centered learning environment as well as nurture your growth as a teacher over the time you spend with students. During this process you will study standards and best practices, analyze your teaching and your impact on student learning, try new strategies to promote a student-centered learning environment, and give and receive feedback. The ProTeach Portfolio evaluates teachers on their ability to impact student learning as stated in the 3 standards — effective teaching, professional development, and professional contributions — and 12 criteria for the professional certificate approved by PESB.

How long does the ProTeach Portfolio take to complete?
It is important that you plan in advance when to get started working on your portfolio! You need to allow enough time to resubmit if needed. The ProTeach Support Program at WSUTC consists of two courses. Our curriculum is set up for students/teachers to begin the support program in the fall semester, finish up the following spring semester, and be prepared to submit the portfolio in June of that year. All of the activities for registration, creation, and submission of your portfolio will take place online ( Portfolios are scored by trained Washington educators. Scores are received approximately 8 weeks after submission and automatically sent to the PESB and the Certification Office of the OSPI as well as to any support provider group designated at the time of registration.

How can we support your ProTeach Portfolio Endeavor?
WSU Tri-Cities has a quality, established support program and consists of two courses: T&L 541/Support I (fall semester) and T&L 543/Support II (spring semester).

  • Each course runs for the duration of the WSUTC semester (15 weeks).
  • Class meets once a week, for three hours.
  • Courses can be taken either for graduate credit (3 credits/each course) or as a non-credit course ($500 fee/each course).
  • The curriculum is the same regardless of which option you choose. You will indicate your preference on a Program Application Form.

ProTeach Support Program options:

  • Non-Credit Program
    • Face-to-Face or online*
    • Two courses ($500 per course)
    • 45 clock hours available for each course ($2/hr)
  • Graduate Credit Program
    • Face-to-Face or online*
    • Credits can be applied to a number of Master of Education Degree Programs in the Department of Teaching and Learning that WSU Tri-Cities offers: Master of Education with a specialization in Literacy Education, Master of Education with a specialization in ELL/Bilingual, Master of Education with a specialization in Curriculum and Instruction.

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