WSU Tri-Cities Information Technology Computing and Networking

Phone features and buttons:SPA9XX Phone

  1. Handset
  2. VoiceMail indicator lamp
  3. Main display
  4. Line buttons
  5. Feature buttons
  6. Directional button
  7. Dial Field
  8. VoiceMail button
  9. Hold button
  10. Setup button
  11. Mute button
  12. Volume adjustment
  13. Headset button
  14. Speaker-phone button

Lights and Feature buttons:

  • VoiceMail indicator lamp will be solid red when you have new voicemail and will flash red when the phone is ringing.
  • Line buttons indicate the following conditions:
    • Solid red – line is in use
    • Quickly flashing red – incoming call
    • Slowly flashing red – call on hold
    • Solid green – line not in use
    • Orange – problems/not in service
  • Feature buttons change based on the state of the phone pressing left and right on the directional button will sometimes access additional features.
  • Pressing down on the directional button will toggle the display between the main display and informational display.
  • The mute button will be solid red when mute is active.
  • The headset and speaker-phone buttons are solid green when active.