Conduct Boards

Conduct Board

Co-Chairs: TBA

Members are appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

What is the role of the University Conduct Board?

When a student or student group is charged with violating the standards of conduct for students, the University Conduct Board provides an opportunity to be heard. The Board holds a hearing, examines all evidence presented, and deterĀ­mines whether the student or student group is responsible for violating the standards of conduct for students.

Who serves on the Campus Board?

Two faculty members and two students, in addition to the chair, are selected from the board membership to hear a case.

When are hearings held?

Hearings are usually held on Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. and Friday afternoons, depending on the student’s class schedule.

How long does a hearing take?

Hearings usually take one to two hours, depending on how much information there is and how many people are called to provide information to the Board.

Is there someone outside the Office of Student Conduct who can give me some advice?

The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs provides an advisor to help guide students through the conduct process. If you need access to an advisor, please contact Jordyn Creighton at 509-372-7433 or

Yes. The complainant’s and/or respondent’s advisor, if any, is allowed to attend the portion of the hearing at which information is received (excluding deliberations). However, advisors are not permitted to participate directly in the hearing. For more information on the role of attorneys at hearings, click here.

What happens at a hearing?

Here is the general format of a hearing:

  • Introduction of accused student or group, complainant, and Conduct Board members
  • Chair reviews the purpose of the hearing
  • Conduct Officer summarizes the reason this hearing is taking place
  • Conduct Officer reads the charges
  • Chair asks the accused to respond to each charge one by one
  • Witnesses testify, then accused, one at a time
  • Board members may ask questions at any time
  • Judicial Officer makes summation and recommendation
  • Accused makes summation, if desired
  • All parties are dismissed except the Board members
  • Board members deliberate in private
  • Notification of decision will be by U.S. Mail within 10 calendar days after the hearing

What if I’m not happy with the Conduct Board’s decision?

You may appeal a decision of the Conduct Board within 21 days of the date of the decision letter. If no appeal is filed within the 21 days, the decision is final.