WSU Common Reading

Creating Community Connections

A common reading is another way of creating community connections among students, between students, faculty, and staff.

Common reading programs have been popular on college campuses since at least the start of the new millennium. By assigning first-year students the same book, and aligning book topics with classroom lessons, administrators and professors have been able to ask new students to examine subjects from different perspectives. Programs are reported to stimulate not just the act of reading but also academic discussions among students, faculty, staff, and the larger community.

2017-18 Common Reading

Sci-fi, dystopian novel selected as 2017-18 common reading for five WSU campuses

Ready Player One

The action in this book takes characters between the real world and the technological cloud. In year 2044, environmental fallout from global warming has led to social woes and economic miseries, with people seeking escape from reality in MMORPGs—massively multi-player online role-playing games. Teenager Wade Watts has devoted his life to the virtual reality utopia named OASIS, a simulation game created by a man obsessed with 1980s pop culture and who has hidden puzzles in the game with the promise of unimaginable fortune and power to the one who deciphers them. When Watts finds a clue, will he be famous, or the target of have-nots?

The author is to visit campus in person as part of intense year-long programming around the selected book. More details will be forthcoming, but is is confirmed that Ernest Cline is scheduled to visit Pullman in August. Read more…

Common reading programming becomes university-wide initiative…