Career Options by Major

Explore your career options by majors listed below!

The links, information and suggestions given are a short selection.  Be sure to research other options and resources.

Biological Science

Professional Societies:

American Institute of Biological Sciences AIBS []

  • “The American Institute of Biological Sciences is a nonprofit scientific association dedicated to advancing biological research and education for the welfare of society”
  • AIBS is centered on sharing information and helping others make informed decisions when concerning biological sciences.
  • Good source to get connected if you fit in the “not sure what the next step is” category.
  • Membership: $30/year

American Medical Student Association AMSA []

  • “AMSA is a student-governed, national organization committed to representing the concerns of physicians-in-training. AMSA members are medical students, premedical students, interns, residents and practicing physicians”
  • Great resource to learn from peers and mentors. Networking opportunities with employers and potential colleagues.

American Pre-Veterinary Medical Association APVMA []

  • “APVMA is a national organization of students. Our goal is to promote and stimulate interest in the field of veterinary medicine, provide open communication between pre-veterinary clubs and organizations nationally, provide resources to students on pursuing the field of veterinary medicine, and hold the annual national APVMA symposium.”
  • Membership: $10/year for an individual


Sample Occupations:

Research Technician – Responsibilities include conducting tests, experiments, gathering, interpreting, data collection and recording and researching quality.

Medical and Health Services Manager – Directing, planning, and coordinating medical and health services at hospitals, clinics, managed care organizations, public health agencies, or other similar organizations.

Teacher – Teaching biology or general science k-12

Food Science Technician – Perform quantitative as a well as qualitative tests to determine chemical or physical properties of beverage or food products.

Zoologist and Wildlife Biologist – Studying animals in their natural habitats, assess effects of industry and environment on animals, take findings and recommend alternative conditions of operation for industry.


LinkedIn Groups:

Science Jobs

Society for Conservation Biology

Systems Biology


Should I go to Grad School?

20 reasons to go to grad school and 15 why not to.

This is a list of the 5 bad reasons a particular author thinks are bad for choosing Grad School.

Business Administration

Professional Societies:

Accounting, Finance and Banking
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
    • Advocacy, community to expand your networking opportunities, discounts on products and services, professional development, professional guidance, and access to news and publications.
    • Student Membership Cost = Free!
  • Institute of Management Accountants
    • Professional development that is discounted or free, access to network and communities, several different publications and e-newsletters, discounted conferences and events, career center with career services, access to data, best practices, and techniques, access to offers of the world’s leading brands in recruitment, insurance, rental cars, credit card reward programs and more.
    • Student Membership Cost = $39.00 annually
  • American Finance Association
    • Association with people who are also interested in finance, improve understanding of finance and financial problems, access to periodicals and other media.
    • Student Membership Cost = $12.00 annually
  • American Bankers Association
  • The Institute of Internal Auditors
  • Association for Financial Professionals
  • International Federation of Accountants
  • The Professional Accounting Society of America
Business Management & Supply Chain Management/Logistics
  • American Production and Inventory Control Society
    • Member discounts on educational events and certification, discounts on conferences and expos, expand knowledge through courses, lots of partners to network with, access to member only documents, career center for finding a job, access to white papers and webinars, supply chain channel to collaborate with peers, e-mentor program.
    • Student Membership Cost = Free!
  • DECA
    • Access to career preparation opportunities, issues of DECA Direct magazine, participation in Competitive Events Program, opportunities to attend conferences, access to scholarships. This organization is more centered on creating a roster and having around 10 students in a group so they can work together. But it is a really good program if you can find enough students who are interested.
    • Student Membership Cost = $10.00 annually
  • American Management Association
  • National Management Association ( several different Washington chapters)
  • Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals
  • Institute for Supply Management
Human Resources
  • National Human Resources Association
    • Access to, database of HR and related job postings, five free job postings a year, direct links to Career Builder and discount when posting a job there, partnerships with a couple different websites, access to training and development events, audiocast, webcast, seminars and conferences.
    • Student Membership Cost = $50.00 annually
  • Society for Human Resource Management
    • Members get an ask an HR advisor service, free weekly webcasts, state and federal compliance resources, HR magazine and e-newsletters, online discussion groups, discounts on educational offerings, discounts on certifications, and access to many HR tools like interview questions, job descriptions, sample policies, spreadsheets and calculators, and forms.
    • Student Membership Cost = $40.00 annually
  • Association For Talent Development
  • American Staffing Association (has a Washington chapter)
Healthcare Management
  • American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management
    • Educational and career support, networking with peers, access to membership directory, job bank, subscriptions to different publications, electronic newsletter, discounts on products and services, meetings and seminars.
    • Student Membership Cost = $50.00 annually
  • The Professional Association of Health Care Office Management

Sample Occupations:

15 best paying jobs for college business majors in 2015

Sample jobs on this website, with a short concise description of each.

Examples: Account manager, administrative services manager, bill and account collectors, brokerage clerk/assistant, business plan writer, employment services, executive assistant, general manager, HR manager/specialist, HR training and labor relations, insurance sales agent, investment broker, financial analyst, healthcare management, meeting and convention planners, office manager, project manager, purchasing agent/manager, sales engineer and so much more. There are really just too many job opportunities to list them all.

LinkedIn Groups:

Harvard Business Review–huge group for anyone in business or management.

Social Media Marketing–great group for anyone interested in marketing. Discussions and job postings, as well as a weekly e-mail sent to members who want it, which includes events, webinars, white papers, and other useful resources.


Study Abroad:

Some good studying abroad programs for business, most of them want you to study their culture as well which is kind of expected anyways.

Civil Engineering

Professional Societies:

American Society of Civil Engineers

  • Webinars, seminars, and customized on-site trainings, access to Civil Engineering magazine, SmartBrief, Institution newsletters, publications, e-books, and educational resources, can join local section in Seattle, and discounts on books, e-books, journals, education purchases, and specialty conferences.
  • Student Membership Cost = Free!

National Society of Professional Engineers (for all types of engineers)

  • Access to job board, a biweekly newsletter of the latest openings, scholarships, free web seminars, a digital edition of the magazine PE, e-newsletters, lots of networking opportunities, discounted products and services.
  • Student Membership Cost = Free!

American Council of Engineering Companies

The American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers

American Planning Association

American Public Transportation Association

American Public Works Association

American Society for Engineering Education

Sample Occupations:  This website has a good overview of civil engineering jobs including a summary, work descriptions, work environment, path to becoming a civil engineer, pay, job outlook, and similar occupations. It is a very good resource to learn more about the job field.  Civil engineering specialties: Transportation, structural, geo-technical, hydraulic/hydrology/water resource, wastewater, environmental, and government and urban planning engineers, compliance officers, and construction managers. This website gives a short description of each of the above.

LinkedIn Groups:

Civil Engineering Jobs 

Civil/Structural Engineering Network 

Computer Science

Professional Societies:

IEEE Computer Society

  • Access to Computer Society Digital Library, computer magazine, online training courses, IEEE Spectrum magazine, automatic chapter membership, scholarships and awards, and discounts on conference registrations.
  • Student Membership Cost = $40.00 annually

Association for Information Science and Technology

  • Free access to webinars, online membership directory, access to digital library including their monthly journal and bi-monthly bulletin, networking and leadership opportunities, memberships in special interest groups (as many as you want for free), discounts on events and in the online bookstore, access to career center, discount on online degree program, and a range of insurance plans.
  • Student Membership Cost = $40.00 annually

Association of Information Technologies Professionals

  • Access to online community and career center, network and meet people working in your field, attend the National Collegiate Conference and Career Fair, apply for scholarships, access to knowledge center and information executive newsletter, virtual workshops and seminars, discounts, and stay connected with IT professionals.
  • Student Membership Cost = $30.00 annually

Association for Computing Machinery

American Society for Engineering Education

Computing Research Association

Sample Occupations:

Computer Scientistare often hired by software publishing firms, scientific research and development organizations where they develop the theories that allow new technologies to be developed.

Software Engineerthe design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of the software and systems that make computers or anything containing software work.

Software Developer– develop applications that allow people to do specific tasks on a computer or other device, develop the underlying systems that run the devices or control networks.

Game Designer– Designing of the core features of a video game. Tasks include role- play mechanics, story lines, design documentation, various puzzles and encounters in game play, and communication and feedback between development teams.

Bioinformaticianapply information technology to biological, medical, and health research. They use computational tools to gather and analyze data in fields such as population, biology, genetics, and pharmaceutical development.

Computer Security Specialist- *This position has a very bright outlook for future growth. Tasks include the planning, implementation, upgrading, and monitoring of security measures for the protection of computer networks and information.

Software Architect- Responsible for the initial design and development of new software or revisions of existing projects.

Software Consultant- Provide software solutions and recommendations based on evaluations of existing software structures.

Open Source Contributor- Contribute to open source programming resources such as GitHub.

Database Administrator- Responsible for the performance, integrity, and security of a database. Also included is the planning, developing, and troubleshooting of the database.

Networking Specialist- Troubleshoot, inspect, and install networked computers within an organization. Monitor internal and external threats.

In time, any of these can lead to “Senior”, “Staff”, or “Chief” positions. It is also possible to move into management — including senior management — or entrepreneurial positions.


LinkedIn Groups:  Article with great groups to join.   

Digital Technology and Culture (DTC)

Professional Societies:

International Web Association (IWA)

  • For individuals who want to pursue a web career
  • Multi-faceted with collaboration between members
  • Encompasses each aspect of a web based career
  • Membership: $49/year

Design Management Institute (DMI)

  • Global design, business, and education
  • Great resource for understanding customers and how they interact with your product or idea
  • Membership  $200

Sample Occupations:

Web Designer

  • Design, build, or maintain Web sites, using authoring or scripting languages, content creation tools, management tools, and digital media.
  • Perform or direct Web site updates.
  • Write, design, or edit Web page content, or direct others producing content.
  • Confer with management or development teams to prioritize needs, resolve conflicts, develop content criteria, or choose solutions.
  • Back up files from Web sites to local directories for instant recovery in case of problems.

Production Manager

  • Write and edit news stories from information collected by reporters and other sources.
  • Coordinate the activities of writers, directors, managers, and other personnel throughout the production process.
  • Research production topics using the internet, video archives, and other informational sources.
  • Review film, recordings, or rehearsals to ensure conformance to production and broadcast standards.
  • Monitor postproduction processes to ensure accurate completion of details.

Game Designer

  • Balance and adjust gameplay experiences to ensure the critical and commercial success of the product.
  • Provide feedback to designers and other colleagues regarding game design features.
  • Create core game features including storylines, role-play mechanics, and character biographies for a new video game or game franchise.
  • Devise missions, challenges, or puzzles to be encountered in game play.
  • Guide design discussions between development teams.

Information Architect

  • Communicate with staff or clients to understand specific system requirements.
  • Provide advice on project costs, design concepts, or design changes.
  • Document design specifications, installation instructions, and other system-related information.
  • Verify stability, interoperability, portability, security, or scalability of system architecture.
  • Collaborate with engineers or software developers to select appropriate design solutions or ensure the compatibility of system components.

Graphic Designer

  • Create designs, concepts, and sample layouts, based on knowledge of layout principles and esthetic design concepts.
  • Determine size and arrangement of illustrative material and copy, and select style and size of type.
  • Confer with clients to discuss and determine layout design.
  • Develop graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos, and Web sites.
  • Review final layouts and suggest improvements as needed.

Additional example jobs can be found at


LinkedIn Groups:

Graphic Design Professional Group

Digital Culture ANZ


Professional Societies:

Association of American Educators

  • Membership includes liability insurance, legal protection, scholarships and classroom grants, supplementary insurance, newsletters, professional resources, job bank, member discount program, and a voice in Washington, D.C.
  • Student teacher membership cost = $25.00 annually

Association for Childhood Education International

  • Subscription to Childhood Education, online access to all back issues of that magazine which is over 90 years of information and research. A subscription to the site’s newsletter, and to their E-newsletter, advocacy alerts on timely public policy issues, subscription to Education Grant Express, reduced registration fees, and volunteer, leadership, and networking opportunities.
  • Student membership cost = $35.00 annually

Association for Middle Level Education

  • Subscription to AMLE magazine, Middle School Journal, AMLE Newsletter, and access to back issues of several different publications. Access to webinars, discounted conference and event registrations, savings in the AMLE store and print periodical subscriptions, term life insurance coverage, right to vote in AMLE elections, read and comment on all articles, and middle grades news and information.
  • Student membership cost = $24.99 annually

Other Societies:


Sample Occupations:

Public or private school teacher

This website has a very rich description of elementary education and also has jobs listed for someone who has a degree in education but wants to move away from being an actual elementary teacher.

Other occupations: personal recruiter, industrial safety and technology trainer, talent resources associate or manager, marketing and communications associate, public relations coordinator or manager, retail sales manager or buyer, executive assistant, and manufacturing plant staff supervisor.

Further study can lead to

  • Coach
  • Counselor
  • Principal
  • Day care director
  • Postsecondary teacher for early childhood education programs
  • Museum curators
  • Early childhood experts for nonprofit educational organizations
  • Librarian-educators
  • Other administrative positions in schools


LinkedIn Groups:

Teacher Training and Education

Elementary School Teachers of America (this group accepts student teachers and aspiring teachers)

Elementary group for teachers

Teaching Resources: This website is great for teachers, it has resources, tools, strategies, ideas and much more for teachers who might need some help with material. This website is another awesome one, has free printable assignments and activities for just about every topic for elementary education. It has more information as well but the printables are the big thing I would recommend.

Go on to Pinterest and type in all sorts of things like elementary teacher ideas

Just go into google and type in teaching resources, hundreds of different resources will pop up. The ones I listed were some of the top sites, but there are so many and most of them have quality ideas and assignments, you just have to search through and find what you like.

Teaching Abroad: This website has a lot of teaching abroad opportunities, a lot of them have to do with ESL. This website has a lot of information to read about if you don’t know a lot about teaching abroad. It tells you why you should do it, who can do it, how you can, where you can, and what you can teach. Before searching, this would be a good place to read up on things first. This is a great updated website for finding teaching jobs abroad. They post new opportunities daily so you can come and look at things at any time. This website is good for some more information on things you should know before looking into teaching abroad and the steps you will need to take to get there.

Electrical Engineering

Professional Societies:

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

  • Connect with local IEEE Sections and volunteer leadership, read latest news from several different sources to keep technically current, career resources and recognition, professional networking, education benefits, discounts, and you can participate in humanitarian programs.
  • Student Membership Cost = $32.00 annually
  • Rating: Great

National Society of Professional Engineers (is for all types of engineers, but still a good society)

  • Access to job board, a biweekly newsletter of the latest openings, scholarships, free web seminars, a digital edition of the magazine PE, e-newsletters, lots of networking opportunities, discounted products and services.
  • Student Membership Cost = Free!
  • Rating: Great

American Public Power Association

International Association of Electrical Inspectors

This website has these additional societies and more you can browse through

Sample Occupations:  Good website, has a summary, what electrical engineers do, work environment, how to become an electrical engineer, pay, job outlook and more.

LinkedIn Groups:

Electrical Engineer Jobs

Worldwide Electrical Engineer Jobs

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