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No matter what the occasion, Washington State University Tri Cities has lined up a variety of catering and mobile services to fit your needs for students, faculty, and staff events.

This quick reference will provide you with the tools to successfully and safely cater food on the WSUTC Campus and includes our Approved Catering Vendor List.

Purchase Request Guide

Provides instruction on how to successfully complete a Purchase Request for goods and services to be procured via PO, PCARD, IRI, State of Wa Invoice Voucher, and/or Contract.

  • General Purchase Request – For general purchases
  • 17A Purchase Request – For all 17A goods and services purchases ONLY (see below for Travel 17A form)
  • GEARUP Purchase Request – For GEAR UP use only
  • Contract Supplemental Worksheet – Complete a Purchase Request and attach a completed Contract Supplemental Worksheet. This worksheet is a tool to assist you with ensuring contract required information is provided. Its not a catch-all but a VERY good start. (This form is not a contract and is not required)

NOTE: Save PR to your desktop prior to filling it out.

Adobe Reader download

17A Justification Internal Template – USE FOR TRAVEL

For Purchase Request submittal ONLY.

Please submit your Purchase Request via email at

WSUTC Purchasing Methods Guide – Under Construction

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WSU Tri-Cities General Resources

Purchasing Services
Washington State University W9
Terms & Conditions for Purchase Orders


Request for Proposal


Shipping Address:

Washington State University Tri-Cities
Attn: {Insert point of contact}
2710 Crimson Way
Richland, WA 99354-1671


Billing Address:

Washington State University Tri-Cities
Attn: Accounts Payable
2710 Crimson Way
Richland, WA 99354-1671


Pullman Billing Address:

Washington State University
Attn: Accounts Payable
PO BOX 641020
Pullman, WA 99164-1020

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Contractual Authority

Contracts obligating Washington State University may only be signed by individuals who have been delegated the authority to enter into and execute contracts by the President of the University (RCW 28B.10528).


Only those individuals who have been granted delegation of contractual authority by the President of WSU can sign contracts on behalf of WSU.

Initiate a WSUTC Contract, Amendment, or Renewal

  1. Complete a Purchase Request (this can be found on the purchase request tab)
  2. Complete the Contract Supplemental Sheet

Email completed forms to

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