Alpha Phi Omega is the nation’s foremost campus-based, inclusive, service-oriented, leadership development organization for university students. Their cardinal principles are Leadership, Friendship and Service. The fraternity’s four fields of service are Campus, Community, Nation and Fraternity.

Alpha Phi Omega was founded in 1925 at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. This Fraternity was founded upon the principles of the Boy Scouts of America, and, for a while, was the official fraternity of the Boy Scouts. Although the fraternity still works closely with the Boy Scouts, its service program has grown to include several other youth service organizations such as America’s Promise, Youth Service America, and Camp Fire U.S.A.

Membership in Alpha Phi Omega is open to all enrolled students and we do not tolerate any form of hazing. Although we are a fraternity and our members are referred to as ‘Brothers’, membership in Alpha Phi Omega is open to any college student, regardless of gender. ‘Fraternity’ implies a common bond and alliance that is lifelong. It involves the unselfish sharing of ideas, interests, successes and even failures. We believe that is what Alpha Phi Omega is all about.

Nationally, Alpha Phi Omega is governed by a biennial National Convention composed of student delegates from each chapter.  Voting delegates at each convention consider legislation, elect a volunteer National Board of Directors, and set fees and priorities. The National Office in Independence, Missouri, provides supplies and other resources and coordinates national educational programs, such as leadership development workshops, service exchanges and national programs.

If you are interested in joining Alpha Phi Omega contact Amber Eubanks, Community Engagement Specialist:

Amber Eubanks
East 218
(509) 372-7106