WSU Tri-Cities Strategic Plan

Goal Three

Accessibility and Equity

Promote access to and inclusivity within the campus community.


1. Reduce barriers to academic access, degree completion, and continuing education across the education and career life-cycles.

2. Provide support for students and employees to promote enhanced engagement, access, and representation.

3. Maintain a physical campus design that promotes and encourages an inclusive and equitable learning environment.

Our preferred future…

Students in the mid-Columbia region see WSU Tri-Cities as their first choice and their most affordable, four-year degree option. Staff are well-known for reducing barriers and accommodating each student’s unique needs. They are experts in reaching underserved and underrepresented populations and maximizing access to high-quality education, regardless of physical, socioeconomic, or geographic limitations. Flexible scheduling, robust support services and affordable options for attendance present the best opportunities for student success.