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WSU Tri-Cities is a campus of Washington State University, which shares one central administration and one faculty. The campus strongly values diversity among its faculty, staff and students. As a campus of a land-grant institution, WSU Tri-Cities is committed to excellence in research, learning, and outreach to all constituents.
Martin Klotz, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Martin KlotzVice Chancellor, Academic AffairsFloyd 263E509-372-7251
Kathleen McAteer
Kathleen McAteerAssistant Vice Chancellor of Academic AffairsFloyd 263G509-372-7371
Jensen Cheryl
Cheryl JensenPrincipal Assistant, Office of Academic AffairsFloyd 263F509-372-7217
Andrea Steinshouer
Andrea SteinshouerProgram Coordinator, Exam Proctoring CenterCIC Library 101M509-372-7191
Organization Chart
Wine Science Faculty
Bhaskar Bondada
Bhaskar BondadaAssociate Professor, Wine ScienceWSC 245509-372-7348
photo of Thomas Collins
Thomas CollinsCollege of Agricultural, Human, & Natural Resource Sciences, Clinical Assistant Professor, Viticulture & EnologyWSC 239A509-372-7515
photo of James Harbertson
James HarbertsonAssociate Professor, Wine ScienceWSC 239C509-372-7506
photo of Thomas Henick-Kling
Thomas Henick-KlingDirector, Wine ScienceWSC 248E509-372-7292
photo of Debbie Schwenson
Debbie SchwensonPrincipal Assistant, Wine ScienceWSC 248D509-372-7224
photo of Mysti Meiers
Mysti MeiersSenior Academic Advisor, Academic AffairsCIC 201D509-372-7472
Kaury Balcom
Kauryn BalcomCommunications and Public Relations Coordinator, Wine ScienceWSC 248F509-372-7223
Biological, Sciences, & Engineering Laboratory Faculty
Birgitte Ahring
Birgitte AhringProfessor, WSU programs in BSELBSEL 225509-372-7682
Hanwu Lei
Hanwu LeiAssistant Professor, WSU programs in BSELBSEL 225509-372-7628
Keerthi Srinivas
Keerthi SrinivasPostdoctoral Research Associate, WSU programs in BSELBSEL 127509-372-7627
Bin Yang
Bin YangAssistant Professor, WSU programs in BSELBSEL 223509-372-7640
Xiao Zhang
Xiao ZhangAssistant Professor, WSU programs in BSELBSEL 224509-372-7647
Ahamed Aftab
Aftab AhamedLaboratory Coordinator, WSU programs in BSELBSEL 228509-372-7697
photo of Letitia Christman
Letitia ChristmanAdministrative AssistantBSEL 229509-372-7683
Marty Kroeger
Marty KroegerProcess Engineering TechnicianBSEL 203509-372-7697
Katie Banks
Katherine BanksCollege of Arts & Sciences, Instructor, School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public AffairsCIC 125R509-372-7119
Robert Bauman
Robert BaumanCollege of Arts & Sciences, Associate Professor, HistoryCIC 202F509-372-7249
Stephanie Bauman
Stephanie BaumanCollege of Arts & Sciences, Associate Professor, PsychologyCIC 202D509-372-7363
Brett Bell
Brett BellCollege of Arts & Sciences, Instructor, HistoryCIC 125S509-372-7239
Cigdem Capan
Cigdem CapanCollege of Arts & Sciences, Instructor, Department of PhysicsCIC 202J509-372-7147
Peter Christenson
Peter ChristensonCollege of Arts & Sciences, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, Digital Technology & CultureFloyd 101D509-372-7285
Jim Cooper
William CooperCollege of Arts & Sciences, Assistant Professor, School of Biological SciencesICB Suite A509-372-7175
Vanessa Cozza
Vanessa CozzaClinical Assistant Professor, English and Liberal Arts Internship CoordinatorCIC 202E509-372-7137
Sena Clara Creston
Sena Clara CrestonCollege of Arts & Sciences, Clinical Assistant Professor, Fine ArtsFloyd 101E509-372-7419
photo of Nelmi Devarie Baez
Nelmi Devarie BaezClinical Assistant Professor, ChemistryEast 132509-372-7465
photo of Gibran Escalera
Gibran EscaleraCollege of Arts & Science, Instructor, EnglishCIC 125D509-372-7373
Brigit Farley
Brigit FarleyCollege of Arts & Sciences, Associate Professor, HistoryCIC 202C509-372-7357
Allan Felsot
Allan FelsotInterim Academic Director of Arts & Sciences, Professor, Entomology & Environmental ToxicologyEast 128509-372-7365
Doug Gast
Douglas GastCollege of Arts & Sciences, Associate Professor of Fine Arts, Director of The Art CenterFloyd 101B509-372-7185
Steven Hoch
Steven HochCollege of Arts & Sciences, Professor, Department of History CIC 201AB509-372-7145
Nora Kuster
Nora KusterClinical Assistant Professor, EnglishCIC 125K509-372-7142
Mark Mansperger
Mark ManspergerCollege of Arts & Sciences, Clinical Associate Professor, AnthropologyCIC 125P509-372-7383
Allison Matthews
Allison MatthewsClinical Assistant Professor, Department of PsychologyCIC 125B509-372-7146
Michael Mays
Michael MaysDirector, Hanford History ProjectICB 131509-372-7380
photo of Robin Mays
Robin MaysCollege of Arts & Science, Instructor, EnglishCIC 125H509-372-7425
Dan Mitchell
Danny MitchellSchool of Chemistry, College of Veterinary Medicine, Clinical Assistant ProfessorEast 103A509-372-7184
photo of Lori Nelson
Lori NelsonCollege of Arts & Science, Instructor, BiologyICB 134509-372-7031
Janet Peters
Janet PetersCollege of Arts & Sciences, Clinical Assistant ProfessorCIC 125A509-372-7431
Michael Pieracci
Michael PieracciClinical Associate Professor, HistoryCIC 125L509-372-7392
Dick Pratt
James PrattProfessor Emeritus, Environmental ScienceEast 103B509-372-7212
photo of Elsa Silva Lopez
Elsa Silva LopezClinical Assistant Professor, ChemistryEast 132509-372-7490
Paul Strand
Paul StrandCollege of Arts & Sciences, Professor, PsychologyCIC 202A509-372-7177
Elly Sweet
Elly SweetClinical Assistant Professor, Biology(ICB) Suite A509-372-7525
Sarah Tragesser
Sarah TragesserCollege of Arts & Sciences, Associate Professor, Psychology, Resident Faculty Organization ChairCIC 125Q509-372-7388
Patty Wilde
Patricia WildeCollege of Arts & Science, Assistant Professor, EnglishCIC 125F509-372-7032
Mariella Lora
Mariella LoraStudent AdvisorCIC 201D509-372-7382
photo of Mysti Meiers
Mysti MeiersSenior Academic Advisor, Academic AffairsCIC 201D509-372-7472
Meg Mercer
Meg MercerSciences Lab CoordinatorEast 118509-372-7327
photo of Margaret Sisseck
Margaret SisseckAdministrative Assistant, College of Arts & SciencesCIC 202B509-372-7306
Tim Baker
Tim BakerCollege of Business, Associate Professor, Decision ScienceFloyd 207P509-372-7277
photo of Jesus Bravo
Jesus BravoClinical Associate Professor, Management and Faculty Coordinator for Mentorship ProgramFloyd 207J509-372-7331
Rhonda Hammond
Rhonda HammondCollege of Business, Assistant Professor, Hospitality BusinessFloyd 207B509-372-7033
Robert Harrington
Robert HarringtonAcademic DirectorFloyd 207R509-372-7487
Kraig Jones
Kraig JonesInstructor, AccountingFloyd 207F509-372-7311
Byron Marlowe
Byron MarloweCarson College of Business, Instructor, Hospitality Business ManagementFloyd 207E509-372-7436
Donna Paul
Donna PaulAssociate ProfessorFloyd 207N509-372-7233
photo of Paul Skilton
Paul SkiltonAssociate Professor, ManagementFloyd 207G509-372-7240
Leah Drexler
Leah DrexlerAdministrative Assistant, College of BusinessFloyd 207A509-372-7132
Kristen Wilson
Kristen WilsonAcademic AdvisorFloyd 207D509-372-7614
Yuliya Ardasheva
Yuliya ArdashevaCollege of Education, Assistant Professor, ESL/Bilingual EducationFloyd 207S509-372-7501
Kathleen Cowin
Kathleen CowinEducational Leadership, Clinical Associate ProfessorFloyd 207X509-372-7107
Jonah Firestone
Jonah FirestoneAssistant Professor & Principal Investigator, SIMIAN LaboratoryFloyd 207C509-372-7198
Yun-Ju Hsiao
Yun-Ju HsiaoCollege of Education, Assistant Professor, Special EducationFloyd 207L509-372-7505
Eric Johnson
Eric JohnsonAssociate ProfessorFloyd 207W509-372-7304
Judy Morrison
Judy MorrisonCollege of Education, Associate Professor Teaching & LearningFloyd 207U509-372-7176
Maria Moscatelli
Maria MoscatelliCollege of Education, Teaching & LearningFloyd 207V509-372-7186
Sarah Newcomer
Sarah NewcomerCollege of Education, Assistant Professor, Teaching & LearningFloyd 207Y509-372-7170
Sara Sorensen Petersen
Sara PetersenCollege of Education, Clinical Assistant Professor, Special EducationFloyd 207K509-372-7395
Helen Berry
Helen BerryProgram Coordinator, College of EducationFloyd 207A509-372-7394
photo of Lindsay Lightner
Lindsay LightnerCoordinator, Alternate Route Teacher CertificationFloyd 207M509-372-7366
Srinivas Allena
Srinivas AllenaClinical Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental EngineeringFloyd 134F509-372-7161
photo of Aboutaleb Ameli
Aboutaleb AmeliAssistant Professor, College of Engineering and Computer ScienceFloyd 130509-372-7442
Yonas Demissie
Yonas DemissieCollege of Engineering, Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental EngineeringFloyd 134H509-372-7344
Akram Hossain
Akram HossainVice Chancellor for Research, Grad Studies & External ProgramsEast 241509-372-7314
photo of Scott Hudson
Scott HudsonCollege of Engineering, Professor, Electrical Engineering Floyd 134B509-372-7254
Joseph Iannelli
Joseph IannelliExecutive DirectorFloyd 134A509-372-7420
Bob Lewis
Bob LewisCollege of Engineering, Associate Professor, Computer ScienceFloyd 134D509-372-7178
David Lowry
David LowryClinical Associate Professor, Electrical EngineeringFloyd 126509-372-7144
John Miller
John MillerCollege of Engineering, Associate Professor Computer ScienceFloyd 134E509-372-7232
Changki Mo
Changki MoAssociate Professor, Mechanical EngineeringFloyd 134J509-372-7296
Mohammed Noor-A-Alam
Mohammed Noor-A-AlamCollege of Engineering, Clinical Assistant Professor, Mechanical EngineeringFloyd 128509-372-7459
Mohamed Osman
Mohamed OsmanCollege of Engineering, Professor, Electrical EngineeringFloyd 134K509-372-7287
Messiha Saad
Messiha SaadCollege of Engineering, Clinical Assistant Professor, Mechanical EngineeringFloyd 134C509-372-7452
photo of Jamie Rogers
Jamie RogersAdministrative Assistant Engineering & Computer ScienceFloyd 134L509-372-7039
Brittany Goe
Brittany GoeAcademic AdvisorCIC 201DD509-372-7149
Steve Jordan
Steve JordanCollege of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering TechnicianFloyd 122509-372-7307
Michelle Aronow
Michelle AronowCollege of Nursing, InstructorNursing 1251509-372-7551
Sara Barron
Sara BarronCollege of Nursing, InstructorNursing 1253509-372-7197
photo of Bevan Briggs
Bevan BriggsCollege of Nursing, InstructorNursing 1251509-372-7051
photo of Sheila Edwards
Sheila EdwardsCollege of Nursing, InstructorNursing 1233509-372-7190
Marcia Middleton-Kaplan
Marcia Middleton-KaplanCollege of Nursing, InstructorWalla Walla CC HSB 1823509-524-5152
Debbie Nogueras
Debbie Conner (Nogueras)Director of Campus Health and Wellness; Associate Professor, Distinguished Chair NursingFloyd 263B509-372-7196
Kay Olson
Kay OlsonCollege of Nursing, InstructorNursing 1231509-372-7165
Lee Punch
Lee PunchCollege of Nursing, InstructorNursing 1254509-372-7151
Pam Stover
Pamela StoverCollege of Nursing, Clinical Assistant ProfessorNursing
Mary Vines
Mary VinesCollege of Nursing, InstructorNursing 1251509-372-7551
photo of Karina Aispuro
Karina AispuroAcademic Coordinator, College of NursingNursing 1221509-372-7202
photo of Mark Ferguson
Mark FergusonAdministrative AssistantNursing 1222509-372-7180
Hether Kriss
Heather KrissClinical Placement CoordinatorNursing 1234509-372-7168
photo of Amanda Lemley
Amanda LemleyStudent Services CoordinatorNursing 1223509-372-7181
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