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Academic Affairs Administration and Staff

The faculty and staff of Academic Affairs are invested in the learning experience and keep students at the forefront of all their day-to-day activities. Contact us with any questions.

Academic Affairs
photo of Kathleen McAteer
Kathleen McAteerVice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; Clinical Associate Professor, BiologyFloyd 263E
photo of Anna Plemons
Anna PlemonsAssistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; Clinical Assistant Professor, DTCFloyd 263G
Paul Strand
Paul StrandAssociate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs; Professor, PsychologyCIC 202AInterim Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs
Jensen Cheryl
Cheryl JensenPrincipal Assistant, Academic AffairsFloyd 263F
Image Not Available
Jessica BlandAcademic Support Staff, College of Arts & SciencesFloyd 263
Image Not Available
Charlene WagnerAcademic Support Staff, College of EducationFloyd 207ACollege of Education

Mark Ferguson
Mark FergusonAcademic Support Staff, College of NursingNursing 1222
Maria Rodriguez
Maria Luisa RodriguezAcademic Support Staff, Carson College of BusinessCIC 201CCarson College of Business, 509-372-7132
Eadie Balint
Eadie BalintAcademic Support Staff, College of Arts & SciencesCIC 125ALiberal & Fine Arts, College of Arts & Sciences
Deanne Pilkenton
Deanne PilkentonAcademic Support Staff, School of Engineering & Applied SciencesFloyd 134G
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