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Advising Events

Plan Your Academic Career

Take charge of your progress toward graduation by participating in events about major certification, decision-making, and academic exploration.

Each semester, you will have the opportunity to connect with academic advisors and faculty mentors in regularly scheduled seminars, workshops, and planning sessions. Through these interactions, you will gain the tools and knowledge to ensure that you are moving through your academic career efficiently and effectively.

Current Students

Undergraduate Advising Sessions are held in a group setting and are pre-advisement sessions that are held each semester before priority registration. Academic advisors and faculty mentors lead these workshops and provide registration information and schedule building tools so you will make progress toward meeting your graduation requirements.

Information about registering for undergraduate advising sessions will be sent to your WSU email. Pre-advising takes place every October and every March in preparation for registration in November and in April.

Visit your student center or the Academic Calendar and Courses page to see your enrollment dates.

Beginning in the 2017-18 academic year, students are able to enroll in both semesters on their enrollment dates. Students who have fewer than 30 WSU credits must attend an undergraduate advising session in order to register.


New Students (Starting Summer or Fall 2018)

New students are required to attend a New Student Undergraduate Advising Session (UAS) which will be held early in the semester prior to their start date. For new students this is an opportunity to be introduced to information that is vital to their academic success at WSU Tri Cities – online portal navigation, academic curriculum information, meet and work with academic advisors, peer advisors and faculty mentors.

It is important for new students to complete their admissions checklist prior to attending their chosen New Student UAS Session. Students are required to register for these sessions ahead of time and will receive confirmation with details.

Registration for New Student UAS is now open. Sign up for a session today. The dates for New Student UAS are:

  • November 14
  • November 17
  • December 1
  • December 8

The Spring 2018 agenda for the new student UAS session is now available.

For questions or concerns, contact

Certification Seminars

Certification Seminars are workshops in which you will meet with academic advisors and faculty mentors to review your progress toward major certification, gain insight into course sequencing, learn how to apply your classroom work to real-world problem solving, and learn more about internship and research opportunities for your major. By participating in these sessions, you will be better prepared to enter your program of study and take the next steps in your academic career. Students who are eligible to certify can do so during these seminars!

New transfer students and current students with 45+ credits are encouraged to attend, but seminars are open to all students. No registration is required.

Plan to meet a graduation requirement by certifying into your major during Certification Week.

Student Success Series

The College of Arts & Sciences Advising Office in partnership with Counseling Services has worked together to create a series of workshops known as the Student Success Series. Each semester, we offer programming that is designed to help our students identify areas where they can improve their habits to become more successful in their personal and professional lives. This Fall, workshops will touch on Learning Styles, Time Management, and Coping with Stress.

Learning Styles Workshops

August 28th @ 10:00am & August 31st @ 1:30pm in TFLO 243 

Did you know that everyone has a unique way of learning information? Our Learning Styles Workshop will tell you what your unique style of learning is and provide tips and tricks to maximize your study skills. During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to take the VARK Learning Styles Assessment and connect with other students who share your learning style. We will provide helpful strategies to implementing your learning style as you advance through your curriculum. Make plans to attend- no registration is required. For questions, please contact

Time Management Workshops

October 2nd @ 10:00am & October 3rd @ 3:00pm in TFLO 243

The number one issue our students identify as a barrier to their success is not having enough time to do their work. Learn how to better manage your time at our Student Success Series Time Management Workshop. In this workshop, we will discuss how we conceptualize time, strategies for prioritizing tasks, and come up with ways to better utilize the precious time that we have. We will discuss setting manageable deadlines and breaking work down into smaller, more achievable steps. This workshop will be led by members of the Advising staff as well as Campus Counselor, Aphrodite Biedler. For questions, contact

Coping with Stress Workshops

November 6th @ 2:00pm & November 9th @ 1:30pm in TFLO 243

College is stressful and with finals right around the corner, we are all feeling the heat! Learn how you can overcome the various stressors in your life by attending our Coping with Stress Workshop. Part of our Student Success Series, this workshop is designed to help you assess your current approach to stress and find new and healthier ways of dealing with hardship. This workshop is led by our Campus Counselor, Aphrodite Biedler, a trained Psychologist who has seen her fair share of stressed out students! Come find out what you can do to put your mind at ease during this busy time of the semester. For questions about this workshop, contact

Aphrodite Beidler
Aphrodite BeidlerCounseling ServicesFloyd 263B509-372-7153
Reinstatement Seminars

Reinstatement Seminars are required for students who fall into academic deficiency and do not meet the University’s 2.0 GPA requirement. If you fall into this category, you must apply for reinstatement and participate in these seminars.

Seminars cover success strategies and conditions to achieve reinstatement. You will also learn about key campus resources that can help you achieve your academic goals.

Students who fall into academic deficiency will be notified via their WSU email after grades are posted. Seminars are held twice a day on January 3rd – 5th and require registration.

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