Washington State University Tri-Cities

About WSU Tri-Cities

WSU Tri-Cities was founded in 1989 and is one of the four campuses in the WSU system. The campus in Pullman was founded in 1890 and is Washington’s original land-grant university with a mission of improving quality of life. The other three campuses are located in Spokane, Everett and Vancouver.

The Tri-Cities campus began as the Joint Center for Graduate Study in July 1958 as a collaborative effort among WSU, the University of Washington and Oregon State University. In 1967, the Richland School District donated 84 acres to provide a permanent home for the facility. Construction began on the East Building in July 1967. The building was finished in one year, and in the fall of 1968, the first classes were taught by 79 adjunct faculty members to 380 students.


WSU Tri-Cities strives to offer opportunities for dynamic student engagement, dynamic research experiences, and dynamic community engagement. Our campus values quality, innovation, experiential learning, community collaborations and a facility rich in diversity. We offer personalized undergraduate and graduate education with faculty, staff and students engaged in research, outreach and community service commensurate with the University’s land-grant mission.


Chancellor H. Keith Moo-Young


FALL 2015

Headcount: 1,593
Ethnic Diversity: 35.5%
Average Age: 26 years
Female 55.6%, Male 42.1%
Veterans: 8%
Faculty: 90
Adjunct Faculty: 200+
Academic/Administrative Staff: 85
Early Outreach Staff: 167
More than 5,500 Tri-Cities campus alumni since 1989

WSU Tri-Cities currently offers 19 bachelor’s degrees, ten master’s degrees, and ten doctoral degrees. (see note)

Note: Students interested in these Ph.D. programs must apply to WSU Pullman to be accepted. However, by selecting a resident faculty member as adviser, students may complete ALL or SOME of their degree requirements on an urban campus depending upon the program.

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