Meet TRIO Students

Briseida Fajardo – Mechanical Engineering

I am a junior at Washington State University at Tri-Cities majoring in Mechanical Engineering. My career goal is to be an asset to the people of my community and to the world. It is an immense goal but that is what I am striving for. I am not sure of my dream job yet; I will find out when I get there.

Being a part of the TRIO STEM program is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was able to meet amazing people that has helped me prepare for my first year at WSU. Being in this program has helped me get more involved, as well as having access to multitudes of resources. One of the most important resource that I value the most, is the people that are within the program: ambassadors, instructors and other students. I value their time, their efforts to be able to help guide students like me—students that are not aware of the opportunities that are offered. Surrounding myself around people that care about me and my education is a blessing; I am grateful that I had the opportunity to join this amazing group. I cannot forget about the workshops that are offered, I try to take advantage of the workshops that they put together. For instance, I attended the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, known as PNNL, workshop. The workshop itself was very informative; they talked about how to apply for the internships as well as the core values of PNNL.

I am First-Generation and I WILL be a Mechanical Engineer

Three words to describe TRIO STEM: Attentive, Considerate, Resourceful

Vianey Chavez – Biology, Psychology Minor

I am currently a Freshman, majoring in Biology and doing a psychology minor. After that, I will be going to PA school to become a physician assistant. It was really nerve wracking going back to college as a 25 year adult with 2 toddlers. TRIO STEM has been by my side since the moment I enrolled to WSU. TRIO STEM has really made my college experience at WSU very pleasant. TRIO STEM has always been here for me to answer all of my questions, every single time I send an email or a text they are quick to respond. They have not only helped me navigate through my first year of college but they have been there for me when I simply just needed someone to vent to. I would highly recommend TRIO STEM to everyone.

I am First-Gen and I will be a Physician Assistant

Three words that I would use to describe TRIO STEM are patient, trustworthy and helpful

Dae Wah – Nursing

I am freshmen, my major is Nursing. I want to become a nurse and my dream job is to work as a nurse at a hospital in the future.

I am so excited to be accepted into the TRIO STEM program because I get to meet new people and also make new friends. I love this program because they have such amazing directors and staff. I will be continuing to work with them through my success path.

The instructors are the most beneficial TRIO STEM service that I have been using because it is very helpful, and they are always there for me and help me with my assignments that I am struggling with.

I am First-Gen and I will be a nurse

Three words to describe TRIO STEM: Friendly, Personable, and Extroverted

Nacir Monroe – History

I am a Junior majoring in History at WSU Tri-Cities with the future career goal of working for the federal government in one of the multitudes of federal agencies. The TRIO program is an inclusive group of people who have helped my transition into the school atmosphere of WSU. Everyone involved in the program are always willing to lend a helping hand and as a new transferring student to WSU Tri-Cities it has definitely been beneficial in times of need. My experiences so far regarding TRIO has been insightful. I have learned of various events, other services, and ongoings constantly. It is nice to have a support staff that I may utilize especially in the current trying times.

My ambassador Vanessa is the part of TRIO that I have utilized the most. As an ambassador, she is a blessing who is a strong presence for me. She helps me get acclimated to all the features that comes with attending WSU such as the Writing Portfolio which is new to me. Well organized with a good plan of action when we meet, she is a stable foundation for supporting efforts.

I will be influential in government institutions and will have a major impact on people’s lives

Three words I would use to describe the TRIO program: Passionate, Encouraging, and Inclusive

Angelica Mendoza, Psychology

I am a freshman here at WSUTC. I transferred over from CBC with my AA. I am both happy and proud to be a psychology major, I am still not exactly sure what I will be doing with my degree, but I am enjoying exploring my options here at WSUTC. My goal is to find a job in the field that will allow me to help and educate others on the importance of mental health.

Being a part of TRIO has made the process of transferring a lot smoother. When I was at CBC, I did not have this type of support system. I have found an amazing and caring community here at WSUTC through TRIO. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be part of the program because I would be so lost without it.

I have utilized many of the  TRIO student support services. Any time I have a question or a doubt about anything, I reach out and I have always received help. Higher education is new to my family, I often find myself questioning my own abilities as I am only 18 and exploring new territory but TRIO is there with me every step of the way.

I am First-Gen and I will be a professional in the field of psychology

TRIO is compassionate, TRIO is resourceful, TRIO is reliable

Isaac Marroquin, English

I am a freshman who is majoring in English Literature and plan to teach in high school. TRIO has provided firsthand support on all my questions doubts and has provided amazing resources that have not only benefited me educationally but also have impacted me through fun uplifting conversations and day to day kindness and support. This program has truly enabled my success and has allowed me to open-up to new opportunities and friendships.

The most impactful services provided by TRIO have been the Dare to Dream seminar and the support from my Ambassadors. The seminar allowed me to believe in myself and work harder for my dreams and aspirations and the support of my Ambassador has created an excellent support system. There are no words to describe my gratitude for the kindness and educational support TRIO and its members have given me!

I am First-Gen and I will be an English teacher

TRIO is : Passionate, Engaging, and Diverse

Janel Jaime, Psychology

I am a junior and my major is psychology. My future career goal is to be a therapist because I am passionate about helping others when they are in need and standing by them as they strive towards a healthier and happier life. If anyone has gone through a period of recovery, you will understand that support from others truly helps in the journey of overcoming mental health problems. I understand, so I would like to be an advocate and the guiding hand for a person who is seeking help.

Being a part of TRIO has helped me feel more connected, comfortable, and confident as I began attending WSU-TC. Since being in the program, I feel that I have an amazing group of people that I can rely on if I ever need help with anything. They helped me with easing into the university life at WSU-TC by helping me connect with other transfer students, having online social events, providing great resources, and informing me on all the things that I needed to know about the campus. I would be lost without them! 

 I believe that the events have been the most helpful TRIO service. Coming into the fall semester as a transfer student, I worried that I would not be able to meet other students as we are currently using online platforms, but TRIO has been great in organizing events that allow us to connect with one another. I personally am an introverted person, yet I can confidently say that everyone in TRIO is so kind and welcoming that I always feel comfortable and enjoy myself during the events. 

TRIO has so many services offered to students that will guide them towards success at WSU-TC. In addition, they are amazing at encouraging students to do the best that they can in their studies and helping set goals so that they are able to do so. The best part about TRIO, I must say, is that they do all of this in a fun environment. School can have a toll on our mental health at times, so it nice to have a safe place that is fun and up-lifting.

I am First Gen and I will be a therapist

If I were to describe the TRIO program in three words, I would use resourceful, inspiring, and fun


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