Department of Science Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Biological Sciences

  • General Biology
  • Environmental Sciences

Dean, College of Sciences: Michael Griswold

Interim Program Director: James R. (Dick) Pratt


Washington State University Tri-Cities offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological or Environmental science through the General Studies Program. This program allows students to select courses based off their interests, which may deviate from the traditional Biology or Environmental degrees. There are two plans, which allow students to create an approved, coherent program of study with the academic advisor that fulfills an academic or career goal and includes prerequisites consistent with the upper-division major coursework.

Getting Started

WSU Tri-Cities offers the B.S. in Biological Science. Freshman and sophomore level courses are available at the community colleges. Students are encouraged to meet with a WSU Tri-Cities advisor before transferring to WSU Tri-Cities. In addition, before attending a community college, students are encouraged to discuss program requirements, prerequisite courses, and the University’s general education requirements with an advisor.

Students may choose to complete a direct transfer agreement degree (DTA) at a Washington or Oregon community college, which fulfills the lower division general education requirements of WSU.


To earn a Bachelor of Science degree:

  • Complete a minimum 120 semester credits, with at least 40 of those credits in junior and senior level courses
  • Complete major course requirements with at least a 2.0 grade point average
  • Satisfy WSU general education requirements and any additional requirements of the College of Sciences.