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Science at WSU Tri-Cities

Science at WSU Tri-Cities

Washington State University is one of the two nationally ranked research universities in the state of Washington.

Academic studies at WSU Tri-Cities in the sciences include shrub-steppe ecology, ecological restoration, river systems management, limnology and aquatic ecosystem management, fish ecology, hazardous waste management, environmental toxicology, environmental health assessment, radiological sciences, groundwater hydraulics, geochemistry, bioorganic chemistry, proteomics, Pacific Northwest geology, and bioproducts technology.

Bachelor of Science degrees can be obtained in General Biological Science, General Physical Science, and Environmental Science. In addition, the Tri-Cities campus offers a strong graduate program in Environmental Science with the Master of Science and Ph.D. The Master of Science in Chemistry is also available.

Undergraduate Education

Research and laboratory experiences are also emphasized in undergraduate science programs at Washington State University Tri-Cities. In their first jobs, many WSU science graduates report that their laboratory skills more than matched those of other new employees with degrees from other top institutions. Job skills are further enhanced by the experiences students have in completing team projects.

Improving Science Education Statewide

The College of Sciences has a strong commitment to improving science education across the state of Washington. The Science Mathematics Engineering Education Center (SMEEC) has devised several innovative programs to update K-12 teachers’ knowledge of the newest scientific advances through in-service and pre-service programs. An equipment loan program provides the advanced instrumentation many K-12 schools can not afford for their science classes. Another program assists Washington high school chemistry classes to link to and operate the University’s laboratory equipment, including nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging machines.