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Undergraduate Program

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Degree Requirements

Core Courses

  • Psych 105: Intro to Psychology
  • Psych 311: Psychological Statistics
  • Psych 312 [M]: Research Methods in Psychology
  • 1 Human Biological Science

Physiological Psychology

  • 3 courses, chosen with advisor

Clinical & Social Psychology

  • 2 courses, chosen with advisor

Major Electives

  • 2 elective courses

Writing in the Major

  • 2 Psychology courses with [M] distinction


105 [SSCI] [S] Introductory Psychology 3 Survey of the basic terms, processes, principles, and theories related to the scientific study of human behavior.

230 Human Sexuality 3 Sexuality in personal development; personal, cultural, biological influences on sexual identification and behavior; fertility, reproduction, sexual functioning, sexuality and personality. (Crosslisted course offered as PSYCH 230, WOMEN ST 230). Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105.

265 [B] Biopsychological Effects of Alcohol and Other Drugs 3 Biopsychological effects of the major classes of abused and psychotherapeutic drugs, including alcohol, stimulants, sedatives and hallucinogens. Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105; BIOLOGY 102, BIOLOGY 107, or BIOLOGY 101 and 105.

301 Seminar in Psychology V 1-3 May be repeated for credit; cumulative maximum 6 hours.

306 Industrial Psychology 3 Job analysis and evaluation; personnel recruitment and selection; design and evaluation of training systems; performance appraisals. Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105.

307 Human Factors 3 Human limitations and capabilities in architectural and engineering design; system analysis. Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105.

309 [S,D] Cultural Diversity in Organizations 3 Psychology applied to cultural diversity in organizations; interpersonal and intergroup relationships; diversity training; EEO legislation and affirmative action. Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105.

310 Pseudoscience and Human Behavior 3 Evaluation of scientific claims in the behavioral sciences and everyday life.

311 Elementary Statistics in Psychology 4 Course Prerequisite: MATH 105, 106, 107, 108, 140, 171, 172, 202, 205, 212, 252, or MGTOP 215 with a grade of C- or better. Descriptive statistics, probability, and inference; design and interpretation of research. Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105.

312 [M] Experimental Methods in Psychology 4 (3-3) Course Prerequisite: PSYCH 311 with a grade of C- or better. Designing, conducting, and reporting research in selected areas of experimental psychology. Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105.

320 Health Psychology 3 Psychological and physiological aspects of stress; health behavior and disease prevention; adjustment to chronic illness. Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105.

321 Introduction to Personality 3 Theories, concepts, methods, discoveries in psychology of personality. Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105.

324 [S,D] Psychology of Women 3 Socialization and sex roles of women; a psychological perspective. (Crosslisted course offered as PSYCH 324, WOMEN ST 324). Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105.

328 [M] Self Control 3 Analysis of self-control problems; application of behavioral principles to student-conducted projects. Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105.

333 Abnormal Psychology 3 Problems of abnormality from traditional and evolving points of view; types, therapies, outcomes, preventive techniques. Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105.

350 [S] Social Psychology 3 Attitude changes, conformity, interpersonal relations, groups and social influences explored to give a coherent view of social psychology. (Crosslisted course offered as PSYCH 350, SOC 350). Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105 or SOC 101.

361 [S] Principles of Developmental Psychology 3 Introduction to biological and psychosocial influences on infant, child and adolescent development. Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105.

363 Psychology of Aging 3 Psychological processes of aging; changes in sensory, motor, cognitive, motivational and personality characteristics; research methodologies for the study of aging. Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105.

372 [B] Biological Basis of Behavior 3 Functional relationship between nervous system and behavior; integrated organ systems, sensory processes, and investigative procedures. Occasional lab meetings required; see instructor for times. Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105 or PSYCH 265; BIOLOGY 102, BIOLOGY 107, or BIOLOGY 101 and 105.

384 Sensation and Perception 3 Perception of size, depth, form, shape; illusions, contrast; historical and modern theories and research; applications and demonstrations. Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105.

401 [M] Historical Development of Psychology 3 Course Prerequisite: junior standing, certified psychology major. Concepts, methods, theories, trends, and systems. Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105.

403 [T,D] Cultural Issues in Psychology 3 Multidisciplinary analyses of the relationship between social-ecological and political contexts and individual and collective psychology. (Crosslisted course offered as CES 403, PSYCH 403).

412 Psychological Testing and Measurement 3 Course Prerequisite: PSYCH 311. Assessment of behavioral variables in humans; individual differences. Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105. Cooperative course taught by WSU, open to UI students (PSYC 412).

440 [M] Clinical/Community Psychology 3 Course Prerequisite: PSYCH 333. Professional problems; theory, training, relations with clients, institutions, public. Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105.

445 Undergraduate Practicum V 1 (0-3) to 3 (0-9) May be repeated for credit; cumulative maximum 6 hours. Course Prerequisite: 6 hours PSYCH; junior standing. Supervised experience in local and county agencies; application of psychological principles to a variety of professional work settings. Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105; PSYCH 333; PSYCH 444. S, F grading.

464 Behavior Disorders of Children and Adolescents 3 Course Prerequisite: PSYCH 361, HD 101, or HD 340. Theoretical and empirical approaches to the description, etiology, and treatment of behavior disorders in children and adolescents. Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105; PSYCH 333.

466 Environmental Psychology 3 Psychological concepts applied to the mixture of positive and negative interactions individuals have with their physical environment. Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105.

470 Motivation 3 Different motivational systems; analysis of environmental and biological factors influencing motivation, with emphasis on human motivation. Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105; PSYCH 350, PSYCH 372, PSYCH 490, or PSYCH 491.

473 [M] Advanced Biological Basis of Behavior 3 Course Prerequisite: PSYCH 372, or NEUROSCI 301. Neurophysiological, hormonal, and biochemical bases of regulatory behavior; theoretical and applied issues. Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105.

490 Cognition and Memory 3 Human information processing, memory, and cognition. Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105.

491 Principles of Learning 3 Principles of learning from a behavioral perspective using the experimental analysis of behavior. Credit not granted for both PSYCH 491 and 591. Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105. Offered at 400 and 500 level.

492 [T] Psychology of Language 3 The cognitive and neuropsychological processes involved in the acquisition and use of language; cross-cultural perspectives on language and thought.

496 Cooperative Education Internship V 2-6 May be repeated for credit; cumulative maximum 12 hours. Course Prerequisite: PSYCH 445 or PSYCH 495. Off-campus cooperative education internship with business, industry, or government unit coordinated through the Professional Experience Program. Recommended preparation: PSYCH 105. S, F grading.

497 Instructional Practicum V 1-4 May be repeated for credit; cumulative maximum 4 hours. Course Prerequisite: By permission only. S, F grading.

498 Research Participation V 1-4 May be repeated for credit; cumulative maximum 8 hours. Course Prerequisite: By permission only. Participation in the current research of departmental faculty. S, F grading.

499 Special Problems V 1-4 May be repeated for credit. Course Prerequisite: By permission only. Independent study conducted under the jurisdiction of an approving faculty member; may include independent research studies in technical or specialized problems; selection and analysis of specified readings; development of a creative project; or field experiences. S, F grading.