Professional Development & Community Education


Partnering with our professional and community stakeholders to create value through individual and organizational development and education is not only our mission, it is our calling.

Our programs are designed to build upon and strengthen the professional competencies that are required to maximize personal and organizational performance. Facilitating personal best and developing high performing organizations through professional development, continuing education and community education is what we do.

Professional Development

• Personal Assessments
• Personal Analysis
• Soft Skills
• Technical Skills
• Mentoring Programs
• Coaching Programs
• Certification Prep

• Leadership Academy
• Aspiring Leaders
• Front-Line Leaders
• Mid-Level Leaders
• Executive Leaders
• Leadership Assessments
• Executive Coaching

Organizational Development

• Organizational Learning
• Continous Improvement
• Lean Six Sigma
• Behavioral Engineering
• Assessments and Analysis
• Succession Planning

• Curriculum Development
• Course Development
• Organizational Analysis
• Intervention Design
• ADDIE Model
• Workshops (on/off-site)
• Seminars (on/off-site)
• Courses (on/off-site)


 Programs designed to create value and enrich diverse communities.
Collaborating with non-profit organizations to develop community programs.
Custom seminars and workshops designed to support community engagement initiatives.

Community Classes

Teacher Clock Hours

Learn our strategy for developing High Performing Individuals, Leaders, and Organizations.