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RN-BSN Program Update

Fall 2014 Program Update for the RN to BSN Program

August 25, 2014

The WSU RN-BSN Program is in an exciting time of growth and transition in our course delivery mode. Since 1990, we have consistently responded to the educational needs of registered nurses seeking to complete the Baccalaureate Degree from an accredited research university. The RN-BSN Program at WSU is flexible and distance-friendly. However, national and university policies regarding totally online programs are in flux. Therefore, the highly-flexible (hi-flex) course delivery we have offered is transitioning to a hybrid course delivery model requiring attendance a minimum number of times in a 17-week semester on a WSU campus. The faculty and program leaders are in the process of evaluating the best course delivery model to serve the needs of nurses and communities in Washington State. We value student input into the decision process.

Students coming in to our RN-BSN Program Spring 2015 can expect to be required to attend some campus meetings. Depending on where you live, you will be able to attend these required sessions at WSU Vancouver, WSU Spokane, WSU Tri-Cities, or at WSU sites in Yakima or Walla Walla.

Students enrolled this semester in the WSU RN-BSN Program on any campus should discuss the course delivery and attendance expectations with the faculty for each course. Course requirements of any kind, including attendance & participation, are best answered by the course instructor. We highly encourage current students to speak directly with course faculty about questions related to individual courses. As we move ahead with this transition, we will keep you informed. Transitions require each of us to use our best problem solving efforts. We are here to support your learning and growth.



Lida Dekker, EdD, MN, RN, PHCNS-BC
RN to BSN Program Director