Nuclear Engineering Certificate Program


This certificate program will benefit students who wish to pursue employment opportunities in the nuclear industry. The program provides formal academic coursework to engineers whose formal training is in a non-nuclear discipline. Studies show that only a small portion of engineers employed in the nuclear industry (approximately five percent) have a nuclear engineering degree. Thus, this approach supplies the needs and expectations of the current and future industry.

Graduate Certificate in Nuclear Engineering students must complete a minimum of nine credits (of which six credits must be at the 500-level) from the following list of three-credit courses (to count toward certificate a grade below B- is not acceptable):

  • ME 461: Introduction to Nuclear Engineering
  • ME 483: Topics in Mechanical Engineering: Nuclear Safeguards and Security
  • ME 565: Nuclear Reactor Engineering
  • ME 579-: Advanced Topics in Mechanical Engineering: Nuclear Engineering

To earn a certificate in Nuclear Engineering please see how to apply for a certificate.