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Tips for Senior Narrative

You shouldn’t:

  • Repeat in your essay what you’ve written somewhere else in the application
  • Write an essay fit for True Confessions (don’t make the reader uncomfortable with sob or pity stories)
  • Ramble
  • Try to impress the reader; be yourself
  • Write what everyone else writes

You should:

  • Hook your reader with your first sentence, be unique and original, don’t start with, “my name is”
  • Share those aspects of your life that are not apparent from your transcripts
  • Answer the essay question that is asked
  • Write honestly about yourself
  • Choose an experience you remember well and use lots of details
  • Make yourself the central character in the story
  • Let your head and heart be your source
  • Use a style of writing that sounds like you

If you have any questions please contact Jorge Moreno, MESA High School Coordinator, at 509-372-7244.