Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Research

Dr. Joseph Iannelli
  • High-performance engineering and scientific computing
  • Minimal-storage iterative numerical linear algebra solvers
  • Computational and theoretical fluid dynamics
  • Finite element algorithms and analysis
  • Numerical analysis
  • Software development
  • Aerodynamics
  • Aeronautical propulsion, including gas turbines, ramjets, and scramjets
  • Chemically reacting aerospace flows
  • International-Education initiatives involving universities, businesses, and multinational corporations

Dr. Changki Mo
Dr. Mo’s research interest includes vehicular and structural vibration control, energy harvesting: self-powered medical implants and self-powered structural health monitoring, micro actuators and sensors, adaptive structure technology, and smart structures for sustainable buildings.Currently he is working on:
  • Surface reconfigurable device using thermally-activated shape memory polymer
  • Energy harvesting devices for smart buildings and agriculture application
  • Piezoelectric ultrasound power transmitting devices for medical implants
  • Investigating optimal current properties for electric stimulating to enhance bone cell proliferation
Dr. Mohammed Noor-A-Alam
  • Thin films
  • Nano-structured materials for energy devices
  • Thermal barrier coatings for next generation gas turbine technology
  • Nano-composite materials
  • Biodegradable polymer composites
Dr. Messiha Saad
  • Renewable Energy
  • Thermal Characterization of Composite Materials and Foams
  • Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Internal Combustion Engines, Emissions, and Air Pollution