Mechanical Engineering

Our Constituencies

The constituencies of the program include current and past students, faculty of the school of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, employers of our students, and the citizens of the state of Washington.

Participation by Constituencies

The constituencies provide their input to the program in the following manner.

  • Faculty participation occurs through monthly faculty meetings and yearly faculty retreats.
  • Student participation occurs through Alumni Surveys.
  • Employer participation usually occurs through Employer Surveys

Industrial input also occurs directly through the participation on the External Advisory Board (EAB) for MME, which meets twice a year. The members of this Board, as listed at, are generally MME alumni and represent regional industries, national laboratories, and federal agencies. The Advisory Board members also participate in the review of the Program Outcomes described in Criterion 3.

The participation by the citizens of the Washington State has been in several forms: legislative actions and requirements for accountability, and directives from the Washington Higher Education Coordination Board.