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Dr. Robert Bauman

Assistant Professor
Department of History

Teaching and Research Interests

I teach American history courses, including courses on the civil rights movement, immigration and migration, and poverty in American history. My research interests are in the areas of race and ethnicity in the American West and social policy.

My most recent publications include the award-winning “Jim Crow in the Tri-Cities, 1943-1950” Pacific Northwest Quarterly (Summer 2005), and “The Black Power and Chicano Movements in the Poverty Wars in Los Angeles,” Journal of Urban History (January 2007). My book, From Watts to East L.A.: Race and the War on Poverty in Los Angeles, was published by the University Oklahoma Press in 2008.

Robert Bauman, assistant professor of history, was among a select group of scholars invited to participate in a special War on Poverty Conference earlier this month at the Miller Center for Public Affairs at the University of Virginia. A leading public policy institution, the Miller Center organizes and hosts conferences that assemble public figures, scholars, and experts to discuss issues of national importance to the governance of the United States. Dr. Bauman’s conference paper, “Opal Jones and Francisca Flores: Gender, Civil Rights Activism and the War on Poverty in Los Angeles,” was published in “The War on Poverty and Grassroots Struggles for Racial and Economic Justice”, published by University of Georgia Press in 2008.

Dr. Brigit Farley

Associate Professor
Department of History

Research Interests

20th century Russia and eastern Europe, World Wars I and II, Cold War, terrorism, peacemaking and conflict resolution, translation of historical documents and memoirs

My work generally focuses on Russia and eastern Europe since l9l4. Recently, I have finished a portrait of King Alexander Karadjordjevic of the first Yugoslavia and a basic historical survey of Slovenia. At the moment, I am working on a biography of the Kazan’ Mother of God in Moscow in the 20th century and am revising a paper on commemorations of the Treaty of Trianon in Hungary. I also enjoy translation and am about to finish a volume of the S.M. Soloviev History of Russia from Earliest Times, a seminal work heretofore available only in the Russian language. I will soon begin translating and annotating a series of Great War memoirs from Russian, Slovene and Serbian sources. My courses parallel my research interests, broadening to include the Vietnam conflict and its role in the Cold War, and modern Ireland, with emphasis on the “Troubles and their recent resolution.”

Dr. Steven Hoch

Department of History

Research Interests

Modern Russian history, European agrarian history, and historical demography.

Hoch’s publications include the prize-winning “Serfdom and Social Control in Russia: Petrovskoe, a Village in Tambov,” a translation from French into Russian of Louis Henri’s “Metodika analiza v istoricheskoi demografii,” and numerous articles and essays on Russian social and economic history.