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Fine Arts at WSU Tri-Cities

Learn, Create, Inspire

One of the oldest human endeavors, the fine arts field helps students learn to see, create, think, and imagine.


The Digital Media focus at Washington State University Tri-Cities involves the exploration of digital media within the context of a Fine Arts curriculum. While the area incorporates a range of digital processes including web art, digital video, and digital imaging, emphasis is on integration. In this regard students are encouraged to bridge traditional and digital processes and explore other media in conjunction with the computer, particularly Installation, Performance and Photography. In studio courses, theoretical and contextual explorations are woven into technical discourse. Through multimedia projects, the role of digital media in culture is consistently addressed where students explore such themes as the “web as contemporary curiosity cabinet” and the “role of truth in the digital age.” Students focusing in the Digital Media area are asked to deliberate beyond the tool of the computer, and explore digital processes not as a means to an end, but as a vehicle for creative expression, critical thinking, and experimentation.

What you can do with a degree in Fine Arts

Students majoring in fine arts have a wide range of career directions from which to choose. Many students move into the commercial world and pursue careers in multi-media and Web design, digital media, illustrators or commercial photographers. In addition to the opportunities in college teaching some BA students augment their degree with a teaching qualification in secondary education with the view of teaching in high school. Further, some individuals start their own businesses in areas such as photography, ceramics and printmaking while a few have succeeded in supporting themselves through art sales or commissions.

An involvement in art tends to be personal and evolve into a life time commitment. A recent study found that 82% of the fine art students at WSU find employment in an area related to their field. Our faculty is committed to the idea of supporting young artists in their development of meaningful visual expression and ideas as well as finding their place in the world.