College of Arts & Sciences Department of Fine Arts


Academic Offerings

Fine Arts Minor

18 Credit Hours

FA 102: Art I or FA 103: Art II

FA 110: Drawing

FA 201: Art History I or FA 202: Art History II

Plus 9 additional FA credits at the 300 or 400 Level

CBC Equivalencies

FA 102: Art I = ART 111

FA 103: Art II = ART 112

FA 110: Drawing = ART 113

FA 201: Art History I = ART 116 or 117

FA 202: Art History II = ART 118

Please verify the accuracy of this information before you enroll in any course.

Courses Offered

FA 102: Art I

Introduction to studio practice and composition of form in two-dimensional space.

FA 103 Visual Concepts II

Introduction to visual and conceptual studio art practice through an interdisciplinary approach to three-dimensional space.

FA 201 [H] World Art History I

Historical survey of art and architecture from prehistory through 1450.

FA 331: Art, Science & Technology

Survey of art’s relationship to science and technology from Renaissance to present day; emphasis on historical overview and cultural implications.

FA 332: Introduction to Digital Media: Print & Web

Introduction to the principles and processes of print and interactive media; emphasis on fundamentals of image and text manipulation.

FA 333: Introduction to Digial Media: Video & Sound

Principles and processes of digital media through video- and sound-based projects; theoretical investigations and conceptual development.

FA 337: Experimental Animation

Digital and analog animation techniques; conceptual development of narrative structures.

FA 363: Digital Imaging

Intermediate study of image acquisition, creation, manipulation and realization with an emphasis on digital photography, manipulative digital tools, the image product and conceptual development.

FA 363: Digital Media

Directed individual and group exploration of digital or electronic art-making techniques, concepts and studies.

FA 363: Public Art

Through the making of art, readings, presentations and discussions, this class will introduce you to the concepts, history and practice of creating art for exhibition outside of a gallery or museum.

FA 380: History of Photography

Historical survey of photography from its invention to the present; conceptual, cultural, and technical implications of the medium.

FA 385: Digital Imaging

Principles and processes of digital imaging including color theory, software, cameras, scanning, color management and output options.

FA 433: Print Based Media

Principles and processes of visual communication in digital print; may include typography, image/text relationships, layout design and book arts.

FA 434: Time Based Media

Principles and processes of art that evolves over time, video, installation and sound; emphasis on conceptual development of experimental forms. Prerequisites are waived.

FA 491: Seminar: Advanced Study: Art on Location

Travel to art collections in major urban centers; individual student research into how art functions within a major art center.

FA 495: Fine Arts Internship

May be repeated for credit; cumulative maximum 12 hours. Prereq F A 433, 434; major in fine arts. Experience in work-related digital media environments for practical application and experience. S, F grading.

FA 499: Special Problems (Independent Study)

May be repeated for credit. S, F grading.