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Scholarship Search Engines

Scholarship Information Websites

Here is a list of web sites that we have found useful. Lending institutions sponsor some of these sites, so you may receive promotional mailings about educational loan opportunities after you conduct your scholarship search. You can find many more similar sites by doing an internet search on the term “free scholarship search”. You can also search the internet directly for scholarships. Using your favorite search engine (such as Google), enter specific search terms. Think about your field of study and who you are. For example:“foundation scholarship music performance” or “scholarship single parent academic.”

Never pay for a scholarship search! No matter what some sites may say, all of the information they have is available for free. Organizations that would charge a fee for this information — or charge a fee to apply for a scholarship — are very likely scams and should be avoided. All of the sites listed below are free.

Take a look at several of these sites to see which ones might work best for you. They don’t necessarily all have the same information. And some of them may be specialized for particular types of students.

For the best results, treat your search for scholarship funding like a small part-time job. A good strategy is to have a scheduled weekly time to check in with your favorite scholarship web sites and to work on scholarship applications. Keep this up year-round for as long as you’re a student. You’ll find the right scholarships to apply for and never miss a deadline.
Scholarship website specifically to help Washington residents find scholarships to attend Washington State Schools
Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute
This site is sponsored by Sallie Mae and provides a comprehensive source of financial aid resources for college including a free scholarship search.
Along with many other types of college related information (this is the company that administers the SAT) there is a free scholarship search available.
The Mach25 database features a large, easy to use database.
College Planning Network is a Washington State-based organization serving the Pacific Northwest. The “Guide Online” is their free scholarship search.

College NET

College Tool Kit
This site is a free scholarship search engine, scholarship resources and scholarship tips.
This site features general scholarship information, as well as the FastWeb Scholarship Search.
Hispanic Scholarship Fund

This site features a scholarship profile and other scholarship resources and tips.
This site features scholarship listings and the free e-book, “Scholarship Search Secrets.”
SuperCollege is a publisher of college planning books.  Their site offers a number of services including a free scholarship search.


Aspira Association, Inc.

Latino College Dollars

Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund

Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities