Department of Environmental Science

Undergraduate Program

Lower-Division Requirements

The first two years of the program may be taken at Columbia Basin College or another accredited college or university. Transfer students will be admitted to the program if they show evidence of a 2.5 (C+) or higher grade point average (based on a 4.0 system) in transferable work completed at accredited post-secondary institutions. Students may choose to obtain a Direct Transfer Agreement degree, which satisfies WSU’s lower-division general education requirements; however, students are responsible for any additional requirements that are specific to the College of Sciences and the Environmental Science Program. Students are encouraged to meet with a WSU Tri-Cities advisor before transferring to WSU Tri-Cities. In addition, before attending a community college, students are encouraged to discuss program requirements, prerequisite courses, and the University’s general education requirements with an advisor.


Full course descriptions can be viewed at the WSU Tri-Cities Catalog website:
Program catalog description

  • 101 [B] Environment and Human Life
  • 310 Modeling the Environment
  • 335 Environmental Policy
  • 402 Human Health and the Environment
  • 403 Environmental Geology
  • 404 The Ecosystem
  • 406 Introduction to Radiological Science
  • 409 Applied Radiological Physics
  • 411 Limnology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management
  • 416 Radiation Biology
  • 424 Environmental Health Assessment
  • 435 Resolving Environmental Conflicts
  • 444 Environmental Assessment
  • 445 Hazardous Waste Management
  • 486 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
  • 490, 492, and 493 Special Topics
  • 491 Senior Seminar