Mohammed Noor-A-Alam, Clinical Assistant Professor

  • Ph.D. in Energy Science and Engineering, University of Texas at El Paso, 2012
  • MSc. Eng.  in Advanced Materials, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, 2007
  • B.Eng. in Chemical Technology and Polymer Science, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, 1997

Joined WSU Tri-Cities in 2014 from University of Texas at El Paso

Academic Interests


  • Fluid mechanics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Heat transfer
  • Energy systems engineering
  • Mechanics of materials
  • Engineering analysis
  • Mathematical methods for mechanical engineers
  • Vibration
  • Experimental design


  • Thin films
  • Nano-structured materials for energy devices
  • Thermal barrier coatings for next generation gas turbine technology
  • Nano-composite materials
  • Biodegradable polymer composites
Recent Publications
  • C.V. Ramana, M. Vargas, G.A. Lopez, M. Noor-A-Alam, M.J. Hernandez, E.J. Rubio, Effect of Oxygen/Argon Gas Ratio on the Structure and Optical Properties of Sputter-Deposited Nanocrystalline HfO2 Thin Films, Ceramics International, 2015 (41), 6187–6193.
  • Noor-A-Alam, S. K. Gullapalli, E. J. Rubio, A.R. Choudhuri and C.V. Ramana, Enhanced stability of hafnia based coatings in hot gas environment, RSC Advances 2014(4), 8224–8229
  • Noor-A-Alam, A.R. Choudhuri and C.V. Ramana, Strucure and thermal conductivity of nanostructured hafnia-based thermal barrier coating grown on SS-403, Journal of Nanotechnology in Engineering and Medicine 4 (2013), 011001-5
  • S. Kumar, E. Rubio, M. Noor-A-Alam, G. Martinez, S. Manandhar, V. Shutthanandan, S. Thevuthasan and C. V. Ramana, Structure, morphology and optical properties of amorphous and nanocrystalline gallium oxide thin films, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 117 (2013), 4194-4200
  • E.J. Rubio, G. Martinez, M. Noor-A-Alam, S.W. Stafford, V. Shutthanandan, C.V. Ramana, Microstructure and thermal oxidation behavior of yttria-stabilized hafnia nanostructured coatings deposited on alumina, Surface & Coatings Technology, 236, (2013), 142–148
  • Noor-A-Alam, K. Abhilash and C.V. Ramana; Electrical and optical properties of nanocrystalline yttrium-doped hafnium oxide thin films, Thin Solid Films 520 (2012) 6631–6635
  • Noor-A-Alam, C.V. Ramana, Structure and thermal conductivity of yttria-stabilized hafnia ceramic coatings grown on nickel-based alloy; Ceramics International, 38 (2012) 2957–2961
  • K. Kamala Bharathi, M. Noor-A-Alam, R.S. Vemuri and C. V. Ramana; Correlation between microstructure, electrical and optical properties of nanocrystalline NiFe1.925Dy0.075O4 thin films, RSC Advances 2 (2012) 941–948
  • C. K. Roy, M. Noor-A-Alam, A.R. Choudhuri, C.V. Ramana; Synthesis and microstructure of Gd2O3-doped HfO2 ceramics, Ceramics International, 38 (2012) 1801
  • K. Kamala Bharathi, R.S. Vemuri, M. Noor-A-Alam, C.V. Ramana; Effect of annealing on the microstructure of NiFe1.925Dy0.075O4 thin films, Thin Solid Films 520 (2012) 1794
  • C. V. Ramana, M. Noor-A-Alam, Jamie J. Gengler and John G. Jones; Growth, structure, and thermal conductivity of yttria-stabilized hafnia thin films, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 4 (2012) 200−204
  • Haydar U. Zaman, Mubarak A. Khan, Ruhul A. Khan, M. Noor-A-Alam & Z. H. Bhuiyan, Studies of the physico-mechanical, interfacial, and degradation properties of jute fabrics/melamine composites, 61(2012), 748-758
  • Noor-A-Alam, A.R. Choudhuri, C.V. Ramana; Effect of composition on the growth and microstructure of hafnia–zirconia based coatings; Surface & Coatings Technology, 206 (2011) 1628–1633
  • R.S. Vemuri, M. Noor-A-Alam, S.K. Gullapalli, M.H. Engelhard, C.V. Ramana; Nitrogen-incorporation induced changes in the microstructure of nanocrystalline WO3 thin films, Thin Solid Films, 520 (2011) 1446-1450
  • V. H. Mudavakkat, M. Noor-A-Alam, K. Kamala Bharathi, S. Alfaify, A. Dissanayake, A. Kayani, C.V. Ramana; Structure and AC conductivity of nanocrystalline Yttrium oxide thin films; Thin Solid Films 519 (2011) 7947–7950
  • M. Tipu Sultan, M. Arifur Rahman, Jahid M. M. Islam, Mubarak A. Khan, Nazia Rahman, Noor-A-Alam, A. K. M. A. Hakim, M. Muhibul Alam; Preparation and characterization of an alginate/clay nano-composite for optoelectronic application; Advanced Materials Research, 123-125 (2010) 751-75
  • Mubarak A. Khan, Ruhul A. Khan, Haydar U. Zaman, M. Noor-A Alam, and M.A. Hoque; Effect of surface modification of jute with acrylic monomers on the performance of polypropylene composite; Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, 29 (2010) 1195-1205
  • Mubarak A. Khan, Ruhul A. Khan, Farhan G. Noor, M. M. Rahman, M. Noor-A-Alam; Studies on the mechanical properties of gelatin and its blends with vinyltrimethoxysilane: Effect of Gamma Radiation, Polymer Plastic Technology and Engineering, 48 (2009) 808 – 813
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