Engineering & Computer Science

Program Advising

Undergraduate Advising

The undergraduate academic advisor plays an essential role in assisting you, our students, through educational program. The role of the advisor is to help you understand the General Education Requirements (GERs), apply for certification in the major and graduation when appropriate, and determine which courses you need to take next based on course offerings and pre-requisites.Please review the academic calendar for important dates and deadlines:


The professors listed below can gladly provide you with advising assistance:

E & CS Advising

In Engineering and Computer Science, the advising process involves two  phases: 1) a meeting with a faculty mentor, arranged through the faculty listed above, and 2) a completing advising interaction. Please, proceed to the Engineering & Computer Science E & CS Advising Gateway to initiate your advising session. Best wishes!

Graduate Advising

Graduate student will work with your faculty advisor for assistance with course recommendations and planning your thesis or non-thesis work. If you need assistance with any forms including creating or updating your Program of Study, applying for Graduation, applying for Graduate Leave, and adding or dropping courses you can work with Helen Berry in the Professional Programs office. Ms. Berry will work closely with the Graduate School and the College for all your program needs.
Helen Berry
Helen Berry

Program Coordinator


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