Electrical Engineering

Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

Electrical Engineering Outcome Assessment

2013–2014 Academic Year

A student learning outcome is deemed achieved when a set attainment threshold is met or exceeded. In the establishment of such a threshold, the students who participate in the assessment process for each outcome are designated as the “assessed” students. In the Electrical Engineering (EE) program, the attainment threshold for each outcome  is hence set at 75% of the assessed students attaining that outcome according to the EE program outcome assessment process. If the percentage of assessed students attaining an outcome either ranges between less than 75% and 60% or falls below 60%, then it is deemed that there is either a concern or a weakness in the attainment of that outcome. In the 2013-2014 academic year, all the ABET student learning outcomes were attained in the EE program, with all attainment levels exceeding the attainment threshold, as illustrated in the figure. In particular, 8 outcomes were attained at a level exceeding 80% of assessed students achieving those outcomes, with 4 outcomes attained at a level exceeding 90%.