Electrical Engineering

Program Admission


Admissions applications can be found online at tricities.wsu.edu/admission/ or you can contact the Admissions Office by email at admissions@tricity.wsu.edu or call 509-372-7250.

Transfer Students

When you transfer into the Electrical Engineering degree program, our goal is to help you reach your goal. In that respect, you will be advised into the next set of classes in your degree program for which you have pre-requisites by your Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Renee Smith. Grades for your transferred classes must meet department policy requirements. If you are transferring from a Washington community college there is very helpful information regarding how to transfer specific courses required for our degree programs here.


An application to the Graduate School must be submitted, this can be found online at www.gradschool.wsu.edu/. The application to the Graduate School requires:

  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
  • One-page statement of purpose
  • Three letters of recommendation (be prepared to enter recommenders name and email address)

In addition, the School of Electrical Engineering requires graduate students to submit official GRE score and TOEFL score (if applicable).

Requirements in Electrical Engineering for students with non-BS/EE:

Students whose undergraduate studies did not include material equivalent to that covered in the following WSU courses will be asked to take course work to resolve that undergraduate deficiency: EE 214, 261, 311, 234, 321, 331, 352, and any three of 341, 351, 361, 489, or CptS 360. All or most of these courses should be completed before the student is eligible for admission into the MS or PhD Program in EE. In addition, the committee may require the student to complete other undergraduate deficiencies including courses that are prerequisite to graduate courses.