Academic Programs at WSU Tri-Cities College of Education

Preparing for the job market

As you complete your education at WSU you need to prepare for the next important step: securing a job. From preparing your placement file to accepting your first job, WSU and the State of Washington have a number of resources available for you to utilize.

Career Services

Career Services’ Web site is an invaluable resource as you prepare your job search. They have information on writing resumes and cover letters, dressing for interviews and establishing a placement file.

Placement files

Career Services offers the Placement File program. A placement file is a file that you maintain and have copies sent to district you wish to apply to. The file contains typical job application materials such as letters of recommendations, a current resume, and other items you may wish to have put in such as course summary’s and official copies of your transcripts. The Placement File is most districts’ preferred method of receiving application material. Districts will request that a “closed file” be sent to them at the time of application. Any questions regarding the placement file should be directed to Career Services.

Career Fairs

Oregon Professional Educator Fair
Washington Educator Career Fair — fairs in Spokane and Tacoma

Useful Web sites