College of Arts & Sciences Digital Technology & Culture Program


Requirements for fulfilling your internship credit

  1. Your internship should specifically apply to the DTC degree and your career goals following graduation. It must:
  2. To enroll in your internship you must complete a packet and submit it to a member of the DTC faculty. The faculty member will review the packet and sign the form if the internship is approved. The packet must then be taken to your Academic Advisor who will enroll you in the course. The packet must include:
    • A 1-to-2-page statement of intent. This should include a detailed description of:
      • Your role and duties
      • Your goals for the internship
      • What you will produce and include in your portfolio
    • Assigned Request to Enroll form
    • Two signed Liability Waiver forms
  3. To receive a “Passing” grade you must:
    • Meet with the member of the DTC faculty coordinating your internship monthly to discuss your experience
    • Complete a WSU Tri-Cities Career Services Resume Workshop (including the necessary follow up). Workshop dates can be found online on the WSU Tri-Cities Career Development Center web site at
    • Turn in two copies (if printed) of your portfolio to the faculty member coordinating your internship. Your portfolio can be electronic or printed and appropriately packaged. The faculty member will keep one copy of your portfolio. The portfolio must include:
      • An hour log signed by your supervisor indicating that you have worked a minimum of 135 hours per 3 WSU credit hours (This averages to approximately 9 hours per week over the course of a traditional semester)
      • An updated copy of your résumé
      • A letter of recommendation from your supervisor on company letterhead
      • All of the DTC related/creative work that you completed during your internship. This section of your portfolio must:
        • Be arranged thoughtfully
        • Be able to be used in an employment application or interview setting to demonstrate the caliber of your work
        • Include images and project descriptions. Project descriptions should include:
          • Your role in the project
          • The purpose of the project
          • The technical and conceptual skills needed to complete the project

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are interested in earning the Professional Writing Certificate, please download this form for more information and contact Andréa Davis for additional internship requirements and direction