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Business Administration Minor

Business Minors

The Carson College of Business minor in Business Administration is an official designation, which appears on your transcript and gives you the ability to differentiate yourself from other students. Only non-business majors may minor in Business Administration.To qualify to certify as a business administration minor a student must
  1. Have a minimum of 60 semester hours
  2. Be certified in a major
  3. Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
Business Administration Minor Requirements:
  • Acctg 230 (Introduction to Financial Accounting)
  • Plus five (5) Carson College of Business courses, at least nine credits of which must be at the 300- or 400-level. Admissible 300- or 400-level courses may not include any 498 or 499 courses. Students must ensure that they meet all course prerequisites before seeking admission to any Carson College of Business course. Students may transfer in up to six (6) credit hours from another college or university.
For minor details and to fill out an application to certify as a business minor see the business program undergraduate advisor Kristen Wilson at 509-372-7614.
Hospitality Business Management Minor Requirements:
The minor in hospitality business management requires a minimum of 19 hours, 9 of which must be 300-400 level with an overall gpa of at least a 2.5 in the required courses.  The required courses are ACCTG 230, HBM 182 or 320, and 5 College of Business or Hospitality Business Management courses of which at least nine hours must be Hospitality Business Management courses at the 300-400 level.  Nine hours must be 300-400 level courses taken in residence at WSU or though WSU-approved education abroad or educational exchange courses and they may not include any 498 or 499 courses.  Up to 6 hours may be transferred from another institution. Students must ensure that they meet all course prerequisites before seeking admission to any College of Business course.In addition, students must complete 400 hours of internship/industry experience to earn the minor.  In order for hours to count for the requirement, they must meet the following criteria:
  1. Hours must be worked after high-school graduation;
  2. All hours must be documented as paid;
  3. Hours must be worked at a company whose primary source of revenue is derived from hospitality services; and
  4. The employer evaluation for the hours must reflect an average of 70% across the ratings criteria on the form.

Last Updated: March 12, 2015