Academic Programs at WSU Tri-Cities Carson College of Business

Graduate Courses

Applicants who wish to pursue the MBA, but do not have an undergraduate Business degree from an AACSB or EQUUS accredited program must complete the Foundation Curriculum. The easiest way to do this is to take the following courses offered through WSU’s online MBA program. [1]

Foundation Curriculum (16 credits)

  1. Acctg 550 – Introduction to Financial & Managerial Accounting (3 credits)
  2. BA 501 – Foundations in Marketing (2 credits)
  3. BA 502 – Foundations in Operations Management (2 credits)
  4. BA 503 – Foundations in Business Law (2 credits)
  5. BA 504 – Foundations in Finance (2 credits)
  6. BA 505 – Foundation in Statistics (2 credits)
  7. EconS 404 – Economics for Managers (3 credits) This course includes micro, macro and calculus topics.

[1] It is possible to take equivalent courses as a non-degree seeking undergraduate at the WSU Tri-Cities campus. Please see attached document for equivalent courses.

Applicants who wish to pursue the MBA, and have earned an undergraduate Business degree from an AACSB or EQUUS accredited program begin with the core curriculum.

MBA Core Courses

  • MGTOP 590: Strategy Formulation & Organizational Design (3 credits)
    Catalog Description: Relationship between the formulation of strategy and the selection of effective organizational structures and systems.
  • ACCTG 533: Accounting, Performance Measurement and Controls (3 credits)
    Catalog Description: Managerial evaluation of budgeting, cost accounting, and financial analysis techniques; their utilization in control of operations.
  • FIN 526: Financial Management (3 credits)
    Catalog Description: Advanced topics in corporate finance, including capital budgeting, cost of capital, capital structure, payout policy, and enterprise valuation.
  • MKTG 506: Marketing Strategy (3 Credits)
    Catalog Description: Marketing analyses needed to recommend and implement a marketing strategy. Includes coverage of industry, competitor, and customer analysis as well as decision factors related to segmentation, positioning, and the marketing mix.
  • MGTOP 593: Managerial Leadership and Productivity (3 credits)
    Catalog Description: Organizational behavior and human motivation in the workplace; organization and leadership theories, studies, projects and models leading to improved productivity.
  • BA 514: Business Analytics: Transforming Data into Decisions (3 credits)
    Catalog Description: Advanced decision-making concepts for utilizing relevant datasets to focus on data-driven problem-solving techniques and formulating decision analyses to evaluate and recommend management action.
  • BA 579: MBA Assessment Capstone (3 credits) (May be repeated for maximum 9 credits)
    Prerequisites: Admission to the MBA program (and permission of MBA director).
    Catalog Description: Analyze, evaluate and recommend management actions for a specific strategic project (in an existing organization or new venture business plan).  Project completion will demonstrate the student’s ability to conduct data-driven analyses and apply leadership concepts to recommend and justify management actions that serve all relevant stakeholders (ethical, global, and societal).
  • BA 702: Master’s Special Problems (2 credits) (May be repeated for maximum 18 credits)
    Course Prerequisite: Admission to the MBA program.
    Independent research in special problems, directed study, and/or examination credit for students in a non-thesis master’s degree program. Students must have graduate degree-seeking status and should check with their major advisor/committee chair before enrolling for 702 credits. [S, F grading]

MBA Electives — Technology Management

  • MIS 580: Information System Management (3 credits)
    Data processing organization; operations, application development, computer selection, management of computer personnel and systems.
  • MgtOp 581: Operations Management (3 credits)
    Analytical approach to solving problems in production and operations management.
  • MgtOp 589: Seminar in Management: Six Sigma (3 credits)
    Special topics in management, organization behavior, organization theory, human resource management and strategic management.