BSEL Partnership

BSEL Facility


Bioproducts, Sciences and Engineering Laboratory (BSEL)

The $24 million, 57,000-square-foot research and teaching laboratory was dedicated in May 2008. BSEL features the Biorefinery and the Combinatorial Catalysis Research Lab, plus a variety of laboratories and classrooms.


Building Features:

There are a number of construction features which contribute to making the Bioproducts, Sciences and Engineering Laboratory more energy efficient.

  • Improved wall construction; thicker walls, vapor barriers, more insulation.
  • Improved glazing; thermal break frames, energy efficient glazing.
  • Improved roofing; more insulation, greater reflectivity.
  • High efficiency boilers
  • Water cooled chillers
  • Day lighting; improved interior light levels, requires less artificial lighting.
  • Improved building controls for HVAC system.
  • High efficiency motors
  • LED exit signs
  • Heat recovery system in the building HVAC system
  • Window shading on the west and south elevations
  • Entry vestibules
  • Building orientation
  • Reclaimed wood for interior benches
  • Recycled plastics for the exterior benches
  • Straw board for the accent panels by the doors on the interior