Understanding the Schedule of Classes

The schedule of classes shows courses available each semester. Typically the summer and fall schedules are available online in early March and the spring schedules are available in early October.

Click on the semester/year you are looking for. Be sure you are selecting the Tri-Cities class schedule. The classes are broken up by subject, and the class times are listed in military time.

To search for a course to fulfill a specific requirement, click on the ‘Search’ button on the left. This will allow you to search by requirement, day, time, credits, etc. Just be sure the Tri-Cities campus is selected.

There have been many questions about online classes. The Tri-Cities campus offers a few of their own online courses, and are typically marked as ‘ARRGT’. We partner with WSU Online for a few other online courses, which will be listed in the WSU Tri-Cities schedule.