Current Students

Scheduling an Advising Appointment

During the advising seasons, appointments are scheduled every 30 minutes. It is important that you are prompt to your appointment. During your appointment, your advisor will review your proposed classes, discuss your academics and help answer your questions. If you do not come prepared to your appointment, or if you have holds other than the advising hold on your registration, you may be asked to reschedule.

Registration holds will prevent you from registering for classes on time. If they are not taken care of before your advising appointment or before registration begins, you may not get into your first choice classes. You can check your registration holds from the ‘Student Links’ section of your Zzusis account.

Click on the links below to find information you are looking for:

Advising seasons (when you meet with your advisor)

Spring semester scheduling*:

  • October – December
    • Registration typically begins the second week of November

Summer and fall semester scheduling*:

  • March – May
    • Registration typically begins the second week of April

*You are welcome to contact or meet with your advisor any other time you have a question or concern.

Come prepared to your advising meeting

Steps to preparing for your advising meeting*:

  1. Review your advisement report, located on your Zzusis account. To view your advisement report, follow these steps:
    • In your Student Center, click on “My Academics”, then “View my advisement report”. Follow the links from there.
    • To view your entire advisement report, click on “View as PDF”.
    • Note: The advisement reports are new and may not yet be 100% accurate. Talk with your advisor if you have questions or if something doesn’t look correct.
  2. Identify courses/requirements you should complete the following semester.
  3. Search for your courses on the schedule of classes.
    • Use the ‘search’ link on the left to find specific types of requirements (i.e., Arts & Humanities [G][H])
  4. Use the advising form to list out all of your class choices and bring it with you to your meeting.
  5. Make sure you know your registration date, and get all of your registration holds taken care of before attending your meeting. Your advising hold will be removed after meeting with your advisor.
    • You can check your registration date and holds from your “Student Center” in your Zzusis account.
  6. Write down any questions you have and bring them to your meeting.

* If you do not come prepared to your advising meeting, you may be asked to reschedule.

Schedule a meeting with your advisor

Click on the appropriate advisor’s link to request a meeting:

  • Tammy Castrellon: Advising Request
    • Advising Areas:
      English, History, Social Science, Humanities, Psychology
  • Lindsay Lightner: Advising Request
    • Advising Areas:
      Education, Viticulture & Enology, Environmental Science
  • Linda Miller: Advising Request
    • Advising Areas:
      General Biological Sciences, General Physical Science, General Maths, Pre health, Nursing, Undecided
  • Renee Smith: Advising Request
    • Advising Areas:
      All Engineering (Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Computer Science)
  • Kristen Wilson: Advising Request
    • Advising Areas:
      Business, Digital Technology & Culture

You will be asked to choose a few available times, and your advisor will confirm your appointment. Be sure to include information such as: WSU ID#, Phone Number and Degree/Major.

E-Advising (available for certified majors)

E-Advising is an online or e-mail form of advising. This option is best for students who have met previously with their advisors, who are already certified in their majors, who are familiar with the degree audits and know their remaining requirements. If you are good at planning your schedule and typically only need 5-10 minutes to discuss your classes with your advisor, E-Advising is a great option for you! Be aware, E-Advising is not available for all majors and you may still be asked to schedule an actual advising appointment.