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Retention Specialists

These advisors meet with students who are not yet certified in a major and have an academic interest in the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Nursing, and those who are still deciding.

Students with an academic interest in Business, Education, Engineering and Computer Science will meet a completion coach or faculty mentor.

David YangRetention SpecialistCIC 201D509-372-7241
Keri LobdellTRIOS, Student Success SpecialistEast 203509-372-7156Pre-certified TRiO student only.

Completion Coaches and Faculty Mentors

Completion coaches are advisors who are assigned by academic college. They work with students who have officially certified into a major or those who have earned more than 50 credits and have a strong academic interest in a specific area.

Faculty mentors work with students certified in a major to provide guidance outside of course scheduling.

College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences

Completion Coach: Mysti Meiers
Mysti MeiersSenior Academic Advisor, Academic AffairsCIC 201D509-372-7472
Faculty Mentor: Thomas Henick-Kling
Thomas Henick-KlingDirector, Wine ScienceWSC 248E509-372-7292
Faculty Mentor: Bhaskar Bondada
Bhaskar BondadaAssociate Professor, Wine ScienceWSC 245509-372-7348
Faculty Mentor: Thomas Collins
Thomas CollinsCollege of Agricultural, Human, & Natural Resource Sciences, Clinical Assistant Professor, Viticulture & EnologyWSC 239A509-372-7515

College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty Mentor: Biological Sciences and Pre-Health Sciences
Elly SweetCollege of Arts & Sciences, Clinical Assistant ProfessorICB Suite A509-372-7525
Faculty Mentor: Digital Technology and Culture
Sena Clara CrestonCollege of Arts & Sciences, Clinical Assistant Professor, Fine ArtsWest 101E509-372-7419
Faculty Mentor: English
Andrea AebersoldClinical Associate Professor, EnglishCIC 202K509-372-7390
Faculty Mentor: Humanities and Social Sciences
Michael PieracciClinical Associate Professor, HistoryCIC 125L509-372-7392
Faculty Mentor: Psychology
Janet PetersCollege of Arts & Sciences, Clinical Assistant ProfessorCIC 125A509-372-7431

Carson College of Business

Completion Coach: Kristen Wilson
Kristen WilsonAcademic AdvisorWest 207D509-372-7614

College of Education

Faculty Advisor and Mentor: Elementary Education
Sara PetersenCollege of Education, Clinical Assistant Professor, Special EducationWest 207K509-372-7395

College of Engineering and Architecture

Completion Coach: Brittany Goe
Brittany GoeAcademic AdvisorWest 101O509-372-7149
Faculty Mentor: Civil Engineering
Srinivas AllenaCollege of Engineering, Clinical Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental EngineeringWest 134F509-372-7161
Faculty Mentor: Computer Science
Bob LewisCollege of Engineering, Associate Professor, Computer ScienceWest 134D509-372-7178
Faculty Mentor: Electrical Engineering
Mohamed OsmanCollege of Engineering, Professor, Electrical EngineeringWest 134K509-372-7287
Faculty Mentor: Mechanical Engineering
Changki MoAssociate Professor, Mechanical EngineeringWest 134J509-372-7296

College of Nursing

Academic Coordinator: Karina Aispuro
Karina AispuroAcademic Coordinator, College of NursingNursing 1221509-372-7202
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